10 Power Questions for Personal Creativity and Fulfillment

1. When am I most naturally myself? What people, places and activities allow me to feel most fully myself?

2. What is one thing I could stop doing, or start doing, or do differently, starting today that would most improve my quality of life?

3. What is my greatest talent?

4. How can I get paid for doing what I love?

5. Who are my most inspiring role models?

6. How can I best be of service to others?

7. What is my heart’s deepest desire?

8. How am I perceived by: my closest friend, my worst enemy, my boss, my children, my co-workers, etc.?

9. What are the blessings of my life?

10. What legacy would I like to leave?

from p.60 How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day by Michael J. Gelb

Which question most resonates with you?

I will list my answers tomorrow.

19 Responses to “10 Power Questions for Personal Creativity and Fulfillment”

  1. Number one resonates the most with me. When am I most naturally myself? I’m going to spend some time with this because when I’m my natural self, my best writing comes forth. And when I write my best, number 3 and 4 come into play, I get paid to do what I love.

  2. Given that I am figuring out a next career step since I am not currently employed, #4 resonates! ;)

    But overall, I think #10 is a big one one my mind. Legacy is a powerful motivator for me.

  3. Hi Randy, I’ll jump in and volunteer that #2 most resonates with me.

    I have a great career and am attempting to expand my portfolio of published work on the side. However, I have three growing kids wanting more Daddy time and a wife wanting more hubby support, given that we’ve had a couple of significant events happen in our family this year.

    This season is calling me to stop some of my commitments and start investing in my family’s needs. Easier said than done, since I’m the sole income source for my family and, at 39, am beginning to enter my peak earning season. The blessing for me is that my dad is a fantastic role model and support system.

    Look forward to your follow-up post.

    • @Keith Jennings, Thanks so much, Keith for jumping in. As I look backwards from age 52 now and an empty nest—the best decision I made during that time was the one you are enacting now. I commend you and encourage you.

  4. I was wondering why you ask these questions? How can it get people to personal creativity and fulfillment?

    Actually there were more than one but I will keep it with one. For me it’s #1.

    I can be myself with the two people who are my “parents” now and mentor me, with my sweet aunty (my mum’s little sister) I’m at ease and myself and of my friends there are two I can be most naturally my self. And of course with God, there is no holding back there. Actually with Him I’m most myself.

    At home I’m most myself. I always pray the Lord will make my house a home of peace, joy and creativity, also for others so they can be comfortable and at ease, just being themselves. And they say they feel at ease and comfortable, thank God. Never told them I pray for that. Outside I’m myself. At the beach, in the woods, at sea.

    I’m most fully myself when I’m talking with God, I’m at home praying, writing my poems or drawing what comes up. When I’m busy with the plants and flowers. Walking at the beach. The sea is so relaxing. The sound of the waves and the skyline just makes me relax. No boundaries. I can imagine a lot then. I should take paper and pencil and write or draw what comes into mind. Yes, I think I will do that!

    But I also want to say that I can be fully myself when I’m with my aunt or mentor and we don’t talk. Just quiet. Enjoying each others presence. It’s so relaxing. Especially when at the beach and the wind goes through my hair. Aaaaaaaah, have to go the beach this weekend. Something just comes into mind, I have to put it on papers. This was good for my soul. Thanks.

    I’m not even sure if this is what you meant but it was good for me.

    I stop apologizing for having long comment, okay?. You are used to it by now, aren’t you? Bye bye.

    Oh and I think I gave the answers to my question myself. haha.

  5. So thought provoking! I would have to say that question #3 resonates the most with me- “what is my greatest talent?” I have no idea. I know what I am good at and I know what I enjoy doing, but I don’t know that those two things are necessarily the same. Is that even possible? If I had to choose, I would want most to pursue that which I enjoy and pray that I learn how to do it better along the way!
    I always appreciate your posts, Randy.

  6. Definitely #2. “What is one thing I could stop doing, or start doing, or do differently, starting today that would most improve my quality of life?” It’s about TODAY. Not yesterday ‘I should have’ or tomorrow ‘I will’ but TODAY ‘I can do this!’

  7. Hey Randy

    These are great questions and I’m going to write them down in my journal.

    #7 is the big one for me. I think if I could nail that one down it would answer a lot of those around it.


  8. Randy, thanks for this post – these questions pretty much state what seems to be overwhelming and impossible for me to find or name or pursue and resonate with my creative mind (linear tests/questions seem to point me toward accountant or librarian – that’s a big NO WAY).

    I’m going to start working and praying through #7, #1, #3, #4 in that order. I’m currently dabbling in a lot of little things, some of which I like, some of which I love, some of which I do out of obligation and/or secretly resent/hate. I’m not paid to do anything right now. Major crossroads/re-direction time for me right now. It’s good that I have time to let my life breathe and wait for what can & will be.

    • @marina, Yes, sounds like you are both right and left brained, but that you LOVE and enjoy your creative side. I am somewhat the same way. My tests in school pointed me to technical careers, but I knew that was not me.

      Enjoy and savor this time of breathing and listen closely to what your heart is saying.

  9. These questions have made me really think since I first read them. Cried desperately with Phil as I realized I couldn’t answer them. Have I ever done anything in my life that I wasn’t expected or had to do out of necessity? Am I lazy? Am I shallow? Am I just dumb? Admittedly my high school education was poor. I made it into & through college by the grace of God. I have a career as an oncology nurse which wins me points in the compassion category but why do I do it? If the barriers of finance weren’t there, would I still be a nurse?

    I’ve got to begin to really pray over each of these and do some intense soul searching. Thanks for posting these questions, Randy.

    • @Libby, Wow, Libby. Thanks for your transparency. Unfortunately, our education system does a very poor job of guiding us to discover our real giftings and strengths. We are paying the price in our personal lives and in the flight of the creative class from America as documented by Richard Florida in his frightening but prophetic books.

  10. Awesome! I’ve got writing material for days just answering these questions. Thanks for sharing.

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