A Candid Interview with Mega-Church Pastor Mike Glenn

Here is an excerpt of my interview with Mike Glenn. He is the senior pastor of Brentwood Baptist, and since he came in 1991, membership in this congregation has skyrocketed from 900 to more than 7,000. In addition, he speaks at Kairos, a mid-week worship service at Brentwood Baptist, and attendance has grown to more than 1,500 people in just a few short years.

Mike: I first met Randy Elrod when someone told me that if I was going to be involved in social media, I had to know Randy. So, Randy and I met for coffee. We sat and talked for several hours, and I found a guy who is much more than a social media expert – although he is that. Randy is as close to a Renaissance man as anyone I know. He is a musician, writer, worship leader, entrepreneur, painter, and now a published author. He has just released his book Sex, Lies and Religion.

Randy is at the cutting edge of engagement of the church and culture. That’s why I am so excited he agreed to be my guest for Taco Tuesday.

Mike: As an artist, why do you think the church has such a hard time with beauty?

Randy: Gabriela Mistral says this, “Beauty…is the shadow of God on the universe.” One of the desirable elements of art is beauty and when an artist combines beauty with sensuality, for instance, of the nude body, confusion occurs in some viewers regarding the issue of vulgarity. This brings up the basic aspect of beauty in art, and its uneasy relationship with religion…

Read the rest of the surprisingly candid interview HERE.

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