A Caribbean Respite

Every morning for the past two years, I have awakened to the burden of an incomplete book. And for the last six months, the tenth anniversary of cre:ate has added to that load.

As of Feb.14 both of those long realized dreams have come true. The book, Sex, Lies & Religion is complete, released globally and selling far better than I could have ever anticipated, and the tenth anniversary of cre:ate was also an amazing success.

Emotionally and physically exhausted, Chris & I traveled to the Caribbean aboard the cruise ship Fascination, courtesy of Danny DeArmas and Templeton Tours. The respite was exactly what the doctor ordered.

There is something magic and therapeutic about faraway tropical islands, cerulean blue skies, fiery ocean sunsets, the gentle rocking of a big ship, tender, spicy conch chowder, fresh exotic seafood, great tasting wine and laughing and playing outrageously with family and friends. I can’t remember a time that was as healing as this past week.

Chris, Danny & I put our heads together and decided to organize a “boutique cruise” on one of our favorite ships March 2011. We will ask a few friends to join us to speak and sing (the focus will be on creativity) for no longer than an hour a day – and the rest of the time will be for relaxing and recharging our creative batteries. Would you care to join us? More info soon…

By randy

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