A Compilation of Your Favorite Wines Under $10.

Thanks for all your comments and wine recommendations yesterday. Here is the list. I plan to try every one of them in the near future. These wines are in no particular order.

— Menage a Trois Red Table Wine! (2 recommendations)
— Stone Bluff Cellars “V” and “Lulu”
— Red Diamond: Merlot and Cab – $8.99
— Bogle: Merlot $8.99 (The Syrah is amazing but it’s $11.99) (2 recommendations)
— Cycles Gladiator: Petit Syrah, Merlot and Cab $8.99-9.99
— Gato Negro: Shiraz, Cab/Merlot, $5.99
— Luna di Luna: Cab/Merlot, Shiraz $8.99 (fun bright colored bottles)
— Irony Old Vine Zin (91 points – Wilfred Wong) $8.99
— Cline Ancient Vine Zine for 10.99
— Gruet Sparkling Wine from NM (yes, New Mexico)! Close to $10.
— Apothic Red – the Winemaker’s Blend $8.99
— Rex Goliath Cab $5.00
— Rex Goliath Pinot $5.00
— Verdi Champagne  about 6$.
— Santa Rita 120 Cabernet  Trader Joe’s for about $7.99.
— “Darby and Joan” Cabernet $9.99
— Little Black Dress Merlot
— Little Black Dress Cabernet
— Red Guitar Red Table Wine
— Alamos Malbec $7.99

Anyone have another recommendation?

4 Responses to “A Compilation of Your Favorite Wines Under $10.”

  1. I know I’m late, but I had to tell you about my fave white wine under $10 is Fetzer Gewurztraminer. Depending where you buy it, price ranges from $6.99 to $9.99.

  2. I’m a little late to this post, but I gave several bottles of the Apothic Red to co-workers this year and I enjoyed it myself.

    If you ever decide to do a list for the $11-20 range, try out the Four Vines Zin.

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