A Letter of Clarification & Appreciation to the Men and Women of the Franklin Police Department

After my daughters read my open letter to the Franklin Gov’t of two days ago, even though they agreed with 95% of it (for a child to agree with anything Dad says is a remarkable thing), they suggested I consider following up with a letter of clarification and appreciation. I concur.

In no way did I intend to disparage the good men and women who serve the public as Police Officers. I sincerely appreciate the sacrifice and the great job they do in fighting crime here in Franklin. I have several friends on the force, including one of the most caring and wise, but firm men I know – he is a true hero in every sense of the word.

I realize that with every profession, there are always a few bad eggs, and unfortunately they tend to get all the press.

I did not intend to infer that crime is non-existent in Franklin. I did make the point that our crime rate is low. And crime is always in some sense a reflection of the citizens that reside in that particular community – as well as the diligence of the Police Force.

The conversation does not need to be diverted and the point must remain focused. Reading the overwhelming number of comments on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail reiterates there is indeed a huge problem.

The inordinate amount of traffic citations can only be attributed to our city government leaders. The Police on the street are simply doing what they have been told to do – by their leaders.

Clarification: I have never received a speeding ticket here in Franklin. The first day we were here in Franklin ten years ago looking at a home for our relocation from Florida, my wife was stopped for speeding and we immediately realized that Franklin was much like another affluent town (Sewall’s Point) nearby our home in Stuart, Florida where traffic citations were issued in an excessive fashion. Therefore, we have taken inordinate care not to “speed” in Franklin.

Clarification: It is okay for one older grumpy man to call another old grumpy man, well, uh, old. We “older” men do it to each other all the time. I meant no disrespect to the golf cart Policeman. I do suggest that the city provide etiquette and hospitality training to that person who is certainly one of the most visible aspects and first impressions of Franklin to our guests and visitors. I certainly would not want grumpy ME in that golf cart representing Franklin.

Clarification:  I was privileged to help conceive, plan and direct a service of appreciation at a local Franklin church for both the Police, Sheriff and Fire Departments of Franklin. A service at which the Police Chief, Sheriff, Fire Chief and many officers attended. At that time, they expressed how appreciative they were of the rare thanks and acclaim. I was honored to be a part of that service.

So, I want to again express my sincere appreciation for the men and women of all the service departments. I am indeed thankful for them.

And make no mistake, my issue is NOT with our Police Men and Women.

It IS with the past and present government leaders of Franklin.

5 Responses to “A Letter of Clarification & Appreciation to the Men and Women of the Franklin Police Department”

  1. Nice floor-up post.

    I talked to the cops, though… they said it’s not enough to keep you out of jail the next time they pull you over for speeding.

    They also mentioned something about a roadside cavity search, but I’m not sure what they were talking about

  2. BTW….However, the 2009 population of the entire Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area was 1,582,264,[3] making it the largest metropolitan area in the state. The 2009 population of the Nashville-Davidson-Metro Area was estimated at 1,666,566.

  3. Well said Randy!

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