A Video Interview & Giveaways with Susan Fontaine-Godwin of @CopyrightSolver

Today features a live video interview with Susan Fontaine-Godwin of CopyrightSolver.com and THREE giveaways. This innovative company provides invaluable help for the independent artist, church and company for copyright FAQ’s, licenses and administration of copyright payments for your intellectual property. Gone are the days of an expensive attorney for help with your song  copyright administration.

In this fascinating and informative interview Susan provided invaluable advice (a certain 5 minutes of this interview is priceless and timeless advice from Susan to creatives of any genre!) for the independent creative and also explains their amazing new INDIEadmin partnership with YouTube and the opportunities for independent artists like me and you.

Simply post a comment below about this post and video interview or question about copyright today of any type and @CopyrightSolver will give you:

  • 10% OFF any of their services
  • A downloadable mp3 from one of their INDIE artists 
  • Their “publishing basics” brochure

12 Responses to “A Video Interview & Giveaways with Susan Fontaine-Godwin of @CopyrightSolver”

  1. Great use of video.

  2. Cool! Thanks Susan for the great info! And thanks for the promotion – The INDIEadmin Advanced Service looks like exactly what I need!

  3. Such good info! Will be sharing withy husband who is looking to publish music!

  4. Randy, I am a big fan of Susan’s. Got to meet her at recreate and snuck in the green room and had the most wonderful chat. Not only is she brilliant in this area, Emilie and I got to see her heart for creatives and church leaders.

  5. Enjoyed the video and I learned a lot!

  6. Great interview, Randy and Susan. CCS has been a great tool for our church to remain copyright compliant. I appreciate the heart behind this and desire to honor Christ thru copyrights.


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