7 Responses to ““American Son” — My Latest Watercolor”

  1. That’s my son. I LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank, you Randy!
    Total objectivity is not possible, for obvious reasons, but this has to be one of your best works! I’m on my way over to pick it up! If you have to leave town…leave it in the mail-box. JUST KIDDING!

  2. Oh the joy in that boy’s face! And the perfect quote to go with it. I love it.

  3. This is a very moving painting! It reminds me of my fathers sacrifice as a POW. Of course the fact that the boy is my grandson doesn’t hurt either. Excellent job of capturing a special moment and a special boy.

  4. Randy, You may want to reconsider the not for sale on this piece. I believe you could make a million if you decided to make more and open it up to the public. I would certainly by one. It is a beautiful picture and I love the caption to so with it.

  5. it looks like my foster son. i wish that it was for sale.

Created by Randy Elrod

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