27 Responses to ““American Woman?” — My Latest Watercolor”

  1. I think she is saying “Put some clothes on me so I can save my hot sexuality for my husband as God intended.”

  2. Intense…
    And the dimension is fascinating – runs like a topological map. Like she is a map of hills and valleys.

    I think it’s interesting that her head and neck are adorned, but not her body. Very interesting. What’s the reasoning behind that, Randy?

    If anything, I think she’s saying she is stronger than the world thinks she is.

    • @mandythompson, Thanks so much, Mandy. Glad you grasp some of the symbolism.

      What do you think?

      Why would her head and neck be adorned?

      I love what she is saying to you…and thus to the world!!

      • Adornment often reflects worth, value, honor. Biblically speaking, it was proper and fitting for a woman to have her head covered, as a sign of modesty and honor.
        But, yet, her body is exposed – maybe symbolizing vulnerability, visibility…

        And her face says she is not afraid – she does not want to be hidden from view. She seems confident and without the need to protect herself.

  3. She looks to me like a strong woman who knows she is loved … Hence she is adorned with beautiful gifts.

    You have captured that gorgeous satiny skin beautifully

  4. Well, she makes me think of the topless woman in Zaire who told my blond friend that it was indecent of her to show her knees from under her dress! So you captured her talking eyes perfectly, “Cover your kneeeeeees, Stacy!” hahaha (That’s a true story but actually, you created a beautiful painting, Randy – as always.)

  5. I see so many shades of colors that she seems to embrace all women. Her head is covered in reverence as well as in protection. Her femininity is strong and beautiful. She is vulnerable and yet strong. She’s beautiful.

  6. Perhaps the “adornments” of the head and neck are merely beautiful ways of symbolically binding the mind and the voice of all that she represents. We tend to dress up our discrimination so that it doesn’t appear so bad after all. That the body is “unadorned” or “unbound” could simply be that we do not want to restrict the parts of her that we desire in their fullest and without restrictions.
    Nonetheless, to those who are willing to see her, she is a beautiful and strong individual.

    The work is, as always, great!

    You asked for a male perspective. Next time, be careful what you wish for!

  7. “What are you starring at?” to a tourist in shock. In parts of the world, countries don’t wear clothes. Tho I’d say the head cover is to keep their hair outta face while working hard in the field. The chocker-necklace is a gift.

    Why is sexual equality so hard? The culture diversity in which ppl grew up in transcended down to the siblings, their children, etc… which in America, I believe teaches embarrassment of body therefore low-self-esteem. Just my belief.

  8. When I look at her I only see her eyes. They are so striking. I see strength, fear and anger. Her choker makes me feel like she’s being strangled. Like she has no voice, and I think she could totally kick butt!

  9. Hmmm… Been thinking this through. Adornment often means status, beauty, worth, value… And her body is uncovered, meaning vulnerability, exposure, visibility. But that look on her face says she knows who she is and she doesn’t need others to define her. She is beautiful, valuable, and visible, but not afraid.

  10. ala Mona Lisa… everyone speculates on the reason for her subtle smile.

    It’s funny – most everyone sees strength. But I see a bit of fear, submission, perhaps shyness. The eyes seem to question… acceptance maybe? The sloop of the shoulders forward don’t seem to indicate strength or pride but more a quiet. shy, wanting. I’m not seeing the adornments as communicating anything but cultural tradition. It’s a beautiful, beautiful painting. I’d put this on my mantel in a heartbeat.

    Funny how everyone can see something completely different. The question is, Randy… what were you wanting to communicate with her look.

    • @Deb Barnett, That is the beauty of art. It communicates in many different ways. I tend to not explain my meaning (if I have one), because it keeps other viewers from thinking through their interpretations.

      Thanks so much, Deb, for your wonderful insight.

  11. To me she looks confident in her body, her posture and eyes showing a position of power. Not over anyone else, but from and for herself. That, combined with her outward beauty is what makes her not only sexually attractive, but attractive as a whole woman…

  12. ….also…you can see her ethnic culture in the position of her shoulders and adornments, as few as they are, but she completely shines through and past them.

  13. It is a beautiful painting, Randy! My pleasure to comment with my interpretation…

Created by Randy Elrod

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