An Exciting Day for Art & Music—A Collaboration with Circleslide

I’m so honored to collaborate with the band Circleslide to create a “Vingle” for their incredible song You Are Everything. A vingle is a video single. If you have an Apple TV, iPad, mobile phone or similar, it provides an extraordinary fusion of music and art for your enjoyment.

Click Here for the Circleslide Vingle that debuts today on iTunes for $1.99.

Circleslide is also doing the Apple instore performance October 12 at 8pm at the Green Hills store in Nashville, TN! Apple will be closing down the genius bar for them and allowing them to run videos on the monitors. They plan to air my video single there. I definitely plan to be there, please join me for the fun!

They are also doing a Scavenger hunt via Twitter/Facebook beginning next week. You can check out details at Keith Stancil’s blog to see the various marketing they have planned for the next few weeks.

More details in a few hours—in the meantime—go buy the Vingle.

You can get the vingle in true HD (iTunes store doesn’t allow HD) for only 50 cents more HERE

By randy

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8 replies on “An Exciting Day for Art & Music—A Collaboration with Circleslide”

So beautiful, Randy. Thanks for sharing. Grateful you share you immense talents and gifts all for His glory!

I heart Circleslide. I got to meet them a few weeks ago when they were here at Mercy Ministries and performed at our Mercy graduation.

Also, they recorded an amazing new song, “Looking Up” that was written for the Mercy girls and all the proceeds will benefit life-transformation and restoring hope to these young women. The song will be released in November! Can’t wait!!

Circleslide band-members are not only incredibly talented but they each have servant’s hearts – they’re talking the talk AND walking the walk.

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