Announcing the 53 Winners of the New Virtuosic Burlap To Cashmere Album

Burlap to Cashmere spins gold with new CD

Folk-rockers , who received acclaim for their CD “” in 1998, put their trademark songwriting abilities to the test 13 years later and succeeded again with their self-titled CD that released July 19 on Jive/Essential Records.

The long hiatus is due primarily to guitarist being beaten and left for dead in a incident in New York in 2005. The incident left him in a month-long coma. Working his way back to playing guitar via video games with his cousin and frontman Steven Delopoulos, the band reunited with new vigor, enlisting the help of producer (, , ).

What has resulted is one of the best well-versed and thoughtful CDs I have heard in a long time, with “The Other Country” drawing comparisons to Van Morrison (one of my favorites) and “Build A Wall” with its Irish-folk infused vibe. It’s a mature offering – music for the thinking man – that a younger generation can appreciate.

The CD takes the listener back in time to a place where songwriters Simon and Garfunkel, and ruled the airwaves. Down-to-earth lyrics fuel the CD from the first song, Don’t Forget to Write

I’m an orphan though I see the world as new
Do you remember when the clouds were gold
And love was shining through?

to “The Other Country” —

Draw near, the lamb’s awaiting
Where the river runs, through the skies align
From that pelting of a ship, we’ve all be chosen
To the greatest creation and his dream design

Among my favorites is the second song on the CD, “Build A Wall.” It’s reminiscent of an Irish folk song — fast-paced, heavy drumbeat and bass, and even a mention of “drinking whiskey.”

It’s been a long wait from these songwriters and harmony-makers, but listeners and fans will find it is well worth it.

Review from the Denver Post By Liz Somers 

3 Winners of the Burlap To Cashmere Deluxe Vinyl LP Edition of the Album

Derek D Robertson

Justen Reddick


50 Winners of the Burlap To Cashmere Signed Album
1. brooks bayne
2. David Santistevan
3.Patricia @ Pollywog Creek
4. David Ballard
5. Alece
6. Scott Larrison
7. Robert Pooley
8. Jonathan Haskell
9. Luke
10. Lisa G
11. Mickey
12. Rich L.
13. Paige Wojtowicz
14. Vanessa K
15. Brian Blackman
16. James Romanowski
17. Adam Lockwood
18. Kevin Black
19. matt joyner
20. Corey Sosebee
21. Brandon Sparks
22. Ryan
23. Mark manley
24. Cole Sorensen
25. Jason
26. Bo Lane
27. Josh M
28. junior vasquez
29. Rick Starr
30. Rick Waters
31. Shannon Lewis
32. Russ Hutto
33. Elaine
34. Robin Stanley
35. Richard Jones
36. Libby Headley
37. brack haynes
38. D taylor maxwell
39. Heather Fischer
40. David Das
41. Terry Weaver
42. TracyW
43. Ryan Egan
44. Paul Jackson
45. Tom Burks
46. Brian Johnson
47. Adam Ormord
48. Michael Cates
49. Randy Elster
50. Hannah

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16 Responses to “Announcing the 53 Winners of the New Virtuosic Burlap To Cashmere Album”

  1. WOO – sad that my name is NOT on the list, but WOW, so many friends, so many friends, so many friends on that list!

  2. Randy, thank you!!! You’ve made my day. This was a creative giveaway and I look forward to listening and sharing this new music. Again…thank you and have a great day.

  3. Bummed that my name wasn’t drawn but that won’t keep me from buying this album. Very cool Randy and like Fred mentioned… it’s good to see so many friends on that list!

    Thanks bro!

  4. Love this CD. It’s excellent! Enjoy!

  5. YAY! thank you, Randy!

  6. I am stoked thanks do much!!

  7. Thanks for all you do to promote the Creator and the created. I’m looking forward to some sweet new music from Burlap to Cashmere!

  8. I’m a little slow on the uptake, but thanks! I never win anything! Looking forward to giving the whole album a real listen!

  9. I just saw this, I hope it’s not to late.

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