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Video Interview With Alice Sullivan—Professional Book Editor—”Book Is Not A Four Letter Word”

Watch this quick, informative and fun video with professional book editor Alice Sullivan—leave a comment of any kind and get a FREE pdf written by Alice called “Book Is Not A Four-Letter Word.” In this video we cover “Why You Need An Editor”, “The Editing Process”, and “Ghostwriting.” See her ad at the top right […]

My Skylights – What Are Yours?

The Skylight You were the one for skylights. I opposed Cutting into the seasoned tongue-and-groove Of pitch pine. I liked it low and closed, Its claustrophobic, nest-up-in-the-roof Effect. I liked the snuff-dry feeling, The perfect, trunk-lid fit of the old ceiling. Under there, it was all hutch and hatch. The blue slates kept the heat […]

EVERNOTE – Top Five iPad Features

EVERNOTE: Eliminate clutter. Create a searchable memory. Engage your digital brain. by Lauren Elrod (Twitter: @laurenelrod) To recap my very first post about Evernote (which you can find here) Evernote is an amazing tool that synchronizes your life realtime on all your digital devices. Add a note to your iPhone Evernote app and it instantly syncs your […]

Does God Love Me As Much As Taffy?

It was a dusky, permanent rose kind of rainy evening, the lights were low and golden and the haunting lyric and melody of the song Dear Friends (by the oddly named band Elbow) wrapped around my head and slowly reached into my soul. You stuck a pin in my pile of sin And this is […]

How To Become A Better Artist

“Artists are constantly in search of the hidden meaning of things, and their torment is to succeed in expressing the world of the ineffable.” This powerful statement was made by the Polish poet Karol Wojtyla (who later was elected Pope John Paul II) in his seminal Letter To Artists. This torment to become a better […]