Get my new eBook FREE today “How To Build A Wine Collection YOU Can Be Proud Of (For Under $500)”

I am giving a FREE eBook How To Build A Wine Collection YOU Can Be Proud Of For Under $500 to everyone who signs up to receive email subscriptions to This in response to constant requests via my social networks about favorite varietals, good buys, food pairings and which wines to collect without breaking the bank.

The eBook contains four sections.

I. The Eight Classic Grapes of the World — An understanding of these eight grapes provides the foundation for gathering the wines that will make an impressive and deep collection for the least amount of money. I guarantee some of the grapes will surprise (and inform) you. No matter if you have a custom built wine cellar or a 12 bottle wine cooler — this information is for you.

II. The Secret to Buying Wine — There is more to buying wine than asking your wineshop to “give me a 90-point wine.”  You can always buy by the numbers, but it’s a lot more fun to be knowledgable and color outside the lines.

III. Dispelling Myths About Wine — “A wine has to be expensive to be good.” “Look at the great legs on this wine, it has to be great.” “A wine is good if you like it.” I will dispel these insidious statements and more, so that even as a novice, you can socialize with wine experts without embarrassment.

IV. How To Build A Wine Collection YOU Can Be Proud Of For Under $500 — The preceding information provides the backdrop for a deep and wide collection. With the help of wine experts at Whole Food’s flagship store and from trusted wineshops (and a heck of a lot of time and research), I have compiled an exacting list of wines to buy that will ensure you have a great collection FOR UNDER $500. This Ebook will also provide a foundation for knowledgeable and comfortable conversation about every wine from your cellar in order to really celebrate an everyday meal or a special occasion.

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8 Responses to “Get my new eBook FREE today “How To Build A Wine Collection YOU Can Be Proud Of (For Under $500)””

  1. Thank you for the FREE e-book!!!

  2. Sweet! Thanks Randy, cant wait to check this out!

  3. I honestly enjoyed examining this post and I am really that intersted to it. I can say that I am grateful that you shared to us this story about the FREE e-book. I can’t wait to check this out.

  4. Once we sign-up, how do we get the book?


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