Help Me Choose the Model For My Next Watercolor

I have been commissioned to create a watercolor for Servant’s Heart Ministry to be auctioned at their Ministry Dinner on Thursday, October 14th at the Factory in Franklin.  They provide food programs, Haiti and Dominican Republic relief trips, church planting and leadership encouragement. My friend Ken Davis will be the speaker. Get tickets for the dinner at their website. Open to the public.

The stunning photographs were shot on location in the Dominican Republic by fellow artist Keely Marie Scott. Thanks!

Could you take one second and vote for the photograph that would MOST compel you emotionally to give to relief efforts in the Dominican Republic?





54 Responses to “Help Me Choose the Model For My Next Watercolor”

  1. Well…. These are hard to choose from!!! But i think if i have to choose one it would be number 4.

  2. randy Williams August 10, 2010 at 09:40

    one or four.

  3. I would say #1 or #4 would be the best.

  4. Very hard to choose from…but I have to go with #1…

  5. #4 says it all. Looking forward to that picture.

  6. I like 3 or 4. All of these children are BEAUTIFUL!

  7. #1 for sure

  8. Number 2 did it for me. The eyes – they sucked me in.

  9. jackeychapman August 10, 2010 at 12:15

    number 4

  10. DEFINITELY #1. It says it all.

  11. Do I have to pick just one? They’re all so good! But I’ll go with #4

  12. #2 – expectant eyes
    #4 – beauty in poverty

  13. I’m in the minority, but it’s #2, totally.

    The bars. The youth and innocence, but the mature defiance, which gives me hope. Probably gives them hope, too.

    It’s like she’s saying, “I know you think you’re better than me, but come on over to this side of the fence and see how we live. We love. We hurt. We dance. We bleed. We survive. We celebrate. We have things to teach you.”

  14. #4 that hair!!!

  15. #4

    Everything about her from her eyes to her stance says… “if you help me now, someday, I can & will help make a difference too.”

    Regardless of photo you choose it will be beautiful :)

  16. #4 Because of the expression on her face and the look of “why?” in her eyes.

  17. i say #3, baby boy da prince!

  18. #4 has different themes — poverty, hunger, loneliness, seeking love, orphan, victim of sex trafficking, human trafficking.

  19. hey randy # 4 good luck

  20. Bonnie Crocker August 10, 2010 at 15:34

    Absolutely, positively #1.

  21. Hard to choose but I’ll go with 4.

  22. #3 or #4. But, I would think the one that strikes the artist the most (as in you) would be the one that would inspire you the most. Which one captures your heart the most? Can you do a composite of them, capturing the more compelling aspects of each?

  23. Well, I can already see I’m in the minority but I’m sticking with my choice… #2

  24. I’d have to go with #2 or #4.

  25. shelley quinones August 10, 2010 at 16:21


  26. #2 The eyes are the window of the soul.

  27. #4

  28. #1 first choice, #3 is second.

  29. #4 – definitely

  30. #4 i think… would probably want them all though.

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