Here is My Theme for 2015 Depicted in Paint and Prose

Deeper Into The Woods_1024

Into the Woods

I want to build a cabin deep in the woods
on the northern slope of a verdant meadow,
to hear the wind speak to me,
catch the sun as it falls in the sky,
watch falling stars and the milky way,
in ultra high-def.
Where I can find my soul,
chase my dreams,
lose the crowds,

—Randy Elrod

2 Responses to “Here is My Theme for 2015 Depicted in Paint and Prose”

  1. Randy, I have just “discovered” some of your writings. They speak down to my soul, as I am rediscovering myself as the result of a time of transition in 2014. Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your work. Thank you!

Created by Randy Elrod

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