20 Responses to “How To Open A Bottle of Wine with a Boot”

  1. Thinking I would have to be VERY thirsty!

  2. Okay, this is seriously cool. You could also title this post, “Nashville does Napa.” I love it. Our friend Charlie taught us how to open a beer bottle with a water bottle top, also cool, but not nearly so cool as a BOOT. Well done:)

  3. Randy You rock dude! Just got my whole family around to watch that, they all said, OMG that is so Redneck or Ghetto, I guarded your reputation and defended you as a great artist and imaginative thinker!
    ArtieDavis´s last blog post ..Don’t be an 8-track tape church!

  4. You just made this Texas SO proud.
    Meredith´s last blog post ..Total Poser- Part Three

  5. *Texan
    Meredith´s last blog post ..Total Poser- Part Three

  6. Daniel Kendrick August 7, 2010 at 18:38

    THAT was awesome. I have to know though, WHY does that work? I have a theory, but I’ll just wait and let you confirm that I’m on the right track ;-)

  7. Who is laughing there at the back? Cause that’s exactly what I was doing… laughing. Opening a bottle of wine with a boot? Was it a first class boot because you can’t just open a bottle of wine with an ordinary one.

    What if we don’t have a corkscrew, boot and no shoes, I mean it’s Summer, it’s hot no one wears a boot or shoe. We all have flipflops or sandals on how do you open a bottle of wine? Just kidding. Don’t need to know. I’m not the one who brings the wine with me anyway. I’m terrible at opening the bottle. I always bring something to eat with me.

    Another question just popped up. How did you come up to show that on a video? And how did you know by the way you can open it like that? I mean did it ever happen to you you didn’t have a corkscrew with you? I know a lot of questions.

  8. What I mean is : I know I ask a lot of questions.

  9. THAT was awesome, randy!


  10. Brilliant!!! And I thought the best improvise was inside the edge of a car door (kidding – sort of).

  11. is that Chris standing in the air conditioned house while you and Spence were out shooting the delightful video?

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