20 Responses to “How To Open A Bottle of Wine with a Boot”

  1. Thinking I would have to be VERY thirsty!

  2. Okay, this is seriously cool. You could also title this post, “Nashville does Napa.” I love it. Our friend Charlie taught us how to open a beer bottle with a water bottle top, also cool, but not nearly so cool as a BOOT. Well done:)

  3. Randy You rock dude! Just got my whole family around to watch that, they all said, OMG that is so Redneck or Ghetto, I guarded your reputation and defended you as a great artist and imaginative thinker!

  4. You just made this Texas SO proud.

  5. Daniel Kendrick August 7, 2010 at 18:38

    THAT was awesome. I have to know though, WHY does that work? I have a theory, but I’ll just wait and let you confirm that I’m on the right track ;-)

    • @Daniel Kendrick, I need to hear your theory. I don’t know why it works. The air pressure from the wine??

      • Daniel Kendrik August 7, 2010 at 23:18

        @Randy Elrod, I thought that first, but changed my mind since it’s not carbonated like champagne. My theory is that it sends shockwaves or “ripples” through the bottle, each one gripping the cork from all sides and pushing it out.

        I majored in German, so that theory comes straight out of my imagination. I wonder if this was discovered on accident by someone who was really upset about forgetting a corkscrew and then dealt with it rather immaturely?

  6. Who is laughing there at the back? Cause that’s exactly what I was doing… laughing. Opening a bottle of wine with a boot? Was it a first class boot because you can’t just open a bottle of wine with an ordinary one.

    What if we don’t have a corkscrew, boot and no shoes, I mean it’s Summer, it’s hot no one wears a boot or shoe. We all have flipflops or sandals on how do you open a bottle of wine? Just kidding. Don’t need to know. I’m not the one who brings the wine with me anyway. I’m terrible at opening the bottle. I always bring something to eat with me.

    Another question just popped up. How did you come up to show that on a video? And how did you know by the way you can open it like that? I mean did it ever happen to you you didn’t have a corkscrew with you? I know a lot of questions.

  7. What I mean is : I know I ask a lot of questions.

  8. THAT was awesome, randy!


  9. Brilliant!!! And I thought the best improvise was inside the edge of a car door (kidding – sort of).

  10. is that Chris standing in the air conditioned house while you and Spence were out shooting the delightful video?

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