How To Self-Publish Your Book (A Man, A Book & A Misguided Theory) Part 5

The last post in this series deals with the “misguided theory.” It will be interesting to see who is really misguided. Me? Or the traditional way of marketing?

First, in this totally outrageous marketing plan, I decided to release the book in all editions at the same time. So, Sex, Lies & Religion released on Feb. 14 in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle versions simultaneously. Why? Because I can! And…because I believe the consumer loves choices. The E-Book (notice the cute curly page corner in the upper right hand section) released four days ago. Soon to follow will be the interactive E-Pub version for the iPad. I have an idea for another format as well. We’ll see in the next few weeks (it is totally outrageous).

I had a very intriguing talk with a PR person with a major publishing company and that person told me his team gets a stack of books on their desks to publicize, but three months later another stack arrives and the previous stack is history. Three months. I decided to test one of the theories Spence and I teach at LifeWork Seminars and institute a PR program from the 3rd thru the 12th month. And so the true PR program for SL&R really just begins May 14 and continues through Feb.14, 2011. Many of the social networking, SEO, viral marketing ideas begin to germinate and grow after three months.

An ongoing blogger review program is currently in place with the only requirements a blog review and an or Barnes & Noble book review in order to receive a digital preview copy. Upon completion of the reviews a signed “real” copy of Sex, Lies & Religion arrives.

A sophisticated Twitter program will be rolled out over the next few months. Regular Twitter updates containing 140 character quotes from the book to provoke conversation (idea thanks to @patsyclairmont) is currently being implemented. A beta version of a “Twitter reward program” is also being sorted out.

Traditional book signings will be rare or non-existent.

Of course, all of this depends on creating “Raving Fans.” People whose lives have been changed by Sex, Lies & Religion and are courageous enough to talk about this “taboo” subject.

I believe the timing is right for a book like this. And one thing I’ve learned in Nashville, it takes perfect timing AND perfect connections AND a viral loop to get content out in a big way.

Do you guys have any ideas? Let’s make this book a million seller!

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One of the things I’ve learned as we’ve worked with authors with “taboo” discussions…childhood abuse recovery, etc is that many individuals will not risk discussing or sharing pubically that desperately want the discussion. We have offered live internet discussions/ workshops/ presentations on those topics both as a DVD/CD product as well as events…we find that many will participate in that resource and in fact purchase it as well. I’d love to see some round table mini concerts of discussion LIVE via internet men speaking to men regarding the book, women to women, and couples to couples….with the book as center of discussions….
The book has much strength as a small group book as well for couples of all ages as well as singles groups. The conversations may not be as comfortable to lead as others and a video component to start the conversation each week or hour (if a day long workshop) would be amazing.

Thanks for asking!

@Sweetie Berry, thanks, Sweetie. That is a VERY good idea. To clarify, it would be a small group facilitation DVD to promote discussion of the book? Correct?

I may just represent the reader here but personally I would love to participate in a live discussion via either some type of medium like ustream where chat is available on the side or a hosted call, chat etc. Now that I have stated this I glance up and see sweetie has mentioned something similar. Even if the discussion starts with a short reading by Randy. Similar to the book signing readings only internet based.
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Wow Randy, This sounds very exciting. I have no ideas right now because I am thinking I should be getting ready for work and eating home-made salsa and tostitos thinkng about my children’s story that I am working on getting published. I look forward to getting a copy of Sex, lies, & Religion soon. It sounds very intriguing.

Well Randy, The salsa and chips were fantastic. :( Looking for book tomorrow. Hopefully friday will be my day to read it. So far I liked what I read from Chapter 9. and the video as well.

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