How You Can Have – 20 Minutes With The Author – of “Sex, Lies & Religion”

My new book Sex, Lies & Religion is now officially available EVERYWHERE! You may choose your favorite option in Deluxe Hardcover, Paperback & Kindle. Of course, you may buy it at bookstores such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but for a signed copy and exclusive online content, buy it at my preferred vendor,

I am happy to announce a brand new option: Twenty Minutes With The Author

If your small group or book club buys a minimum of 12 books at a special group rate of $10. each, you get a 20 minute Q & A with me (Randy Elrod) via iChat or Skype. This will enable your group to ask questions and discuss issues with the guy who researched for two years to write this book.

Just buy the Books and you will receive a personal e-mail to set the date of your choice.

Please tell your friends about this book.

# of books (Min.12)

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