People Who Drive Slow In The Left Lane

Is it just me?

Traffic laws and numerous highway signs state clearly that slower traffic should drive in the RIGHT lane. Can these people not see miles of traffic crunched up behind them? Can they not see the “friendly” hand signals from the drivers around them? Can they not feel the driver’s hot breath and hear the flaming words of wrath and condemnation emanating from the cars behind them?

Are these people—could they even be called human beings—oblivious to their surroundings?

As I have grown older and shall we say more mature, these “lifelong left-laners” have become a fascinating case study for me.

What could possibly be their reasoning? Could the workplace and life also have “lifelong left-laners?” Are they some sort of morbid sub-culture?

These people who drive slow in the left lane always somehow find three or four semi-trucks in the right lane with drivers who have a Napoleon complex and together they joyfully snarl Interstate traffic for miles at blazing speeds of 45 to 50 mph.

I have seen irate drivers risk their lives and careen pass them out of control on the left grass median of the Interstate.

Why do they drive slow in the left lane?

1) The driver is blind and deaf? Uh, probably not.

2) The driver is suffering from a large case of entitlement? That could be. There are definitely certain ethnic groups and states such as Illinois, Ohio and Florida that seem to comprise the majority of these “left-laners.”

3) The driver does not give a #%@& about anyone else? Uh, yep!

4) The driver has a meaningless existence and has finally found one of the few places where he or she can exert control? Hmmmm.

5) The driver does not have a life and has nowhere to go? Could be.


Can you fill in #6?

Does this have an uncanny similarity to people you work with?

Why does life have so many people who love to throw a wrench in the smooth working of life and career?

And God forbid, I hope YOU are not a left-laner!!

34 Responses to “People Who Drive Slow In The Left Lane”

  1. Oh man…those folks irritate me to no end as well, Randy. What gets me is after they finally reach the end of their blocking of everyone else on the interstate and you pass them, they look over at you like you’re some horrible person for passing them!

    Oh…my #6?

    They’re talking on a cell phone and paying no real attention to driving.

  2. I think all of us who obey the rules and only use the left lane to pass, should be issued paint ball guns to “kindly” remind those who use the left lane for casual crusin to get over!

  3. Oh wow. Love it.

    I have to tell you though, as one who goes about 5-8mph over the speed limit, if someone comes up behind me like their going 300mph, I am not going to move for them until it is safe for me to do so, and the more they show their annoyance with hand gestures and verbal assaults, the more I’m gonna slow down and take longer to move over. Just sayin….

  4. I’m a Left Laner BUT…I always go at least 5-8 over the limit AND I drive in the left lane especially in more than 2 lane traffic because I am scared to death some moron is going to swerve over in my lane, like the 18 wheeler that ripped off my front bumper a month ago. So for me driving in the left lane is a case of prevention. I have had people truly barrel by me though, hacked off because I was only going 80 in a 70 not 110 like they were. It really gets bad in that Wedgewood area on 65, no one ever notices but the speed limit drops to 55. It’s funny because people still want to go 80, even in the “slow” lane in that area…dude do you have any idea how much THAT ticket would cost you?? Wow!

    • @The Fabulous Brittany, Brittany, You are so great! :) I just hope you are not a left-laner in TWO lanes. Those of us who want a huge speeding ticket should be able to receive one!! Ha! Be careful out there. And that is a very, very good positive slant for my blank #6.

  5. @LaureeAshcom August 20, 2010 at 12:58

    my mom thinks that if she is going the speed limit she can drive in either lane. we have discussed this on several occasions.

    good thought about every day applications.

    the scary thing is that occasionally i am that slow person in the fast lane. how sad is that? oblivious……

  6. I was wondering about this today when I was driving home why we always have the traffic stuck at the same place. It’s because of the same people. People (=most women in my country) driving on the left lane trying to pass a car with the same speed as the car on the rightlane. How can you pass a car with the same speed? The result? She (most definitely she) is not passing the other car because she doesn’t speed up. It’s driving me crazy! And when she passed it (after God knows how long and hoping she sees the line of cars behind her) and I want to pass them, all of a sudden they drive faster, I can’t get passed them! I just don’t understand that.

    I think they are just plain dum. Or to keep it kind. They don’t think logical. And as Jason already wrote, when you pass them they look at you as you are crazy! Really! Grrrrrrr. Normally I’m very kind.

    For others information I’m a female too but I speed up, okay. And I don’t want to say they are all women but most of them are.

    I didn’t know you had the same problem there. You even have signs tellling the slowdrivers to drive on the right lane. We don’t have those signs. This has nothing to do with the subject of this post but I think your country is full of signs by the way.

    • @Ani, Yes. A rock band write a song about it once. Our American government must get a kickback on every sign created. You should drive into a Post Office parking lot and then walk inside. Hundred’s of signs inside and out.

      The song: “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs.”

      And about the woman thing—you said it, I (a man) didn’t!!


      • @Randy Elrod, Wow! I mean that song. It made me laugh. And the government still doesn’t get it?

        Yes, haha, you just leave it to Ani. I know I get the looks from women Angry of course but then I didn’t marry them so I’m not worried. hehe.

        • @Ani, Ani, Also, try to buy my watercolor print again with PayPal now. I changed a setting that might have something to do with international currency.

          Let me know how it works…


          • @Randy Elrod, Randy, tried it right away. This is the message I get:

            “PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller’s website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.”

            It’s the same as before. I guess it’s not possible. Thanks anyway for trying.

  7. I’ve often commented that I want one of those scrolling LED ticker signs mounted on my rear bumper .. with a keypad up on the dashboard where I could type in whatever message I wanted … so I could finally pass the idiots and put “SLOWER TRAFFIC – USE RIGHT LANE … IDIOT” on it … pass them (in the RIGHT lane, of course) … and then move over in front of them, slow down, and turn it on.

    I must confess, I’ve passed them (on more than one occasion) only to stay in front of them and slow down about 10-15 mph slower than what THEY were doing … at least … for a moment.

  8. #6 – They’re obliviots. But I think mostly it’s #3. They’re the star of their own movie and they insist we all watch. I’ve longed to do the NASCAR bump and run more than a few times in my driving.

    Or, it could be a T state thing. Tennessee. Texas. Come to Dallas. We’ve got more than our fair share of moron drivers. Everything’s bigger in Texas, you know.


  9. Very funny post. And so true. I think there’s a new Murphy’s Law somewhere in this, because there are ALWAYS trucks beside them.

    My “research” suggests that some are trance-driving. I’ve purposefully inched up beside many over the years, slowed to their exact speed, then gradually sped up. They speed up along with me. Almost every time.

    Obviously, it’s not real science. But it’s helped me contain my anger-induced potty mouth. And entertain myself.

  10. I think their brain, instead of their car, is on cruise control. There’s a bumper sticker in this somewhere, don’t you think? Enjoy your weekend.

  11. I have a friend that is like this.
    On a trip to Chicago one time he drove the whole way in the left lane. He made sure he went the speed limit as well. It wasn’t that he was trying to make a point, it was that he had no clue the rules of the road.
    I could not understand how he did not know what the proper etiquete was, that was until I asked him how he learned how to drive. Really he never did learn from his parents, he taught himself.

    I remember a time driving to my grandparents house. I was 15 and it was the first time I got to really drive for an extended time on the Interstate. As I was driving I was taking up residence in the left lane. My dad was quick to point out that the left lane is for passing and that once I passed someone I needed to get back in the right lane. I still remember that till this day.
    Obviously my friend never received those instructions.

    I think it is simply that seem people were never taught. Wether it be driving or just plain life skills, people seem to miss out on some very basic things all because their parents, teachers, or coaches never taught them about what to do and not do.
    so maybe its not the driver themselves that is to blame, but the people that taught them how to drive?

  12. Thank you for validating me as a commuter and human being!!! I sit here giggling just knowing you posted what I was getting ready to sit down and write later this evening. I have a long commute to work each day and pass those lovely signs on the road. We have many who leisurely drive in the left lane. I can’t handle when a left lane driver and a right lane drive pace themselves and ride side by side for 15 plus miles. Then there is the semi truck who decides he needs to be in the left lane and sits back for the long haul. It’s enough to age me prematurely. Do I work with people like this? Yes!! We all do. Many times it is the decision makers or the person holding a meeting.

    My # 6 (which I have seen way to many times on my commute) staying awake during the drive is more of an option then a necessity.

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