I’m Giving Away 50 Free Burlap To Cashmere Signed CD’s,Vinyl & Watch LIVE Interview

I’m celebrating Burlap To Cashmere‘s first album release in over TEN years today by giving away 50 signed CD’s and 3 Limited Edition Vinyl Records. All you have to do is comment!!

I will do a random drawing on this glorious day from all your glowing remarks to determine the winners.

Charlie Lowell of the incomparable Jars of Clay joins me for a fun, fast-paced LIVE interview with lead singer and songwriter Steven Delopoulos. Watch it for a better chance to win a special surprise.

Then, most importantly, click the banner on the right and download the CD NOW. It is the best CD released this year. Period.

You will LOVE it. I promise!!

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363 replies on “I’m Giving Away 50 Free Burlap To Cashmere Signed CD’s,Vinyl & Watch LIVE Interview”

Outside of the fact that you can’t find a lot of greek folk music, Steven and Burlap to Cashmere are truly virtuosic. I think we should all spend more time in that unconscious state where the music just flows.

I enjoyed the laid back interview and I really enjoyed the fact that he didn’t have deep theological answers to why he did what he did with his music. Makes me feel that he really let God have the rains on this “Virtuosic” album

Awesome interview with a truly inspiring band. Would love a chance to hear the songs in all their virtuosic digital glory if you end up sending a CD my way (unfortunately I’m not a vinyl guy). Thanks for a wonderful interview!

I commented on youtube to spread the love but had to say YEAH!! I couldn’t believe they were releasing another album. Some may have had a clue but this came out of the blue for me. Bringing back some memories. Virtuosic is a new term to me. You learn something new every day.

Excited to hear this work – fascinated by the Greek influence and count. Thanks for introducing me to Burlap to Cashmere, Randy – yet another journey into the world of virtuosic creatives (even though I can’t play vinyl anymore! :-)

Absolutely virtuosic!!! Looking forward to adding the new cd to my collection! It’s great to hear Burlap to Cashmere again!

Truly virtuosic indeed! Been listening to the album since I got it late last night and I’m loving it. Hopefully they’ll be touring soon so I can get my vinyl signed if I don’t win one of these!

I’ve been waiting a long time for new stuff from these guys. Can’t wait to hear it.

Virtuosic is certainly a great word to describe Burlap to Cashmere. As you know, Randy, I was there at 3rd & Lindsley to see Jars & Burlap that night. What an incredible show with two stellar bands. I am thrilled that B2C is back together. A couple songs into their set that night I turned to Trevor and said, “Wow, they are REALLY back.” They’re not back resting on laurels and giving us nostalgia. They are fresh and strong. Can’t wait too listen to the CD after getting a preview of some of the songs that night and hearing them live. You MUST pull the strings available to you and get them back into Nashville this year for another show. Whatever it takes, they must return very soon. How could they not come here? After all, we ARE Music City.

It’s fantastic to have new music again from such a virtuosic band. It’s been worth the wait!

I’m so excited, you’re still the best concert I’ve ever been to (Phx Orpheum w/ Jars, you guys stole the show).

Fan from the early days! Wanted to say welcome back before I headed to I-tunes!

Im excited to see burlap to cashmere this friday at riverside park.. havent seen them together since the 90’s with richie haven!

I fully expected the new album to be amazing, but it totally knocked my socks off! Excellent!

Jesus where do I comment, I am the most avid fan of this band in Brazil, check their tweet and you will see I have RT all of them daily. Love it. I need this great signed set oO

I thought Burlap to Cashmere had disappeared. I’m so glad to see them releasing a new album tomorrow! They’re incredible! Virtuosic!

Burlap to Cashmere has a vibe that is unique to modern music, and I look forward to hearing this any many more of their contributions to the arts in general and doxology in particular.

How should i describe this album… Gnarly? Virtuosic? Raw? I think I’ll go with double delopolistic! B2C is the best live band i”ve ever seen! Hope you can make it through Lexington Kentucky soon!

One of my favorite bands. 13 years is a long time to wait for a new album from them…but sooooo worth the wait!

Great interview! Very intriguing, it definitely has me wanting to get the cd of this virtuosic band Butlap to Cashmere (love the name too). I look forward to getting it and hearing more about you! Much luck!

Oops- these iPhone screens are so small, dumb typos. My email listed above for Joanne Hall is incorrect, and -Burlap!! I’m sorry it’s spelled wrong in the 1st post. I have reposted and made corrections as Joanne M Hall. My comment itself is correct- loved the interview, great questions as well. I look forward to hearing the cd of this virtuosic band. I used a link to the video via Stephen’s cousin Mark & his wife Kristina (I’ve seen his band play down here in FL)

Sounds awesome. Burlap To Cashmere brings back memories. I was in college…spending my summer as a camp counselor…and a band performed “Anybody Out There.” I loved that song.

Listened to B2C’s song “Eileens Son” this morning on the way to church today. Just seemed the perfect song, and made for the perfect drive, too. Can’t wait to hear thier new songs. And, it would be a signed copy, too. Too cool.

Tour 101, 1998. Saw JoC and B2C twice! The last night of the tour was in my hometown, after a cancellation. Seemed the local college was on an alternate list. It was December 12th, IIRC. And I sat front row center aisle in my mobility scooter. Best seat in the house. The seminarian invited to do the “Dukes of Hazzard” skit lost his footing when exiting the stage and fell into me. The concert grind-ed to a halt while medics rushed in and checked to see if my nose might have been injured, possibly broken. It wasn’t, they gave me an ice pack and the concert went on. After, my scooter died! The college and JoC security tried to help. I was pushed to the Meet & Greet line, the last person. Charlie immediately asked how I was, Dan said he was very concerned about me, and would not continue until the medics were done with me. Best of all, I got to sit with Dan for nearly 15 minutes and converse about several things. B2C was mesmerizing back then, so I can see them as virtuosic now. The whole wearing of black, gypsy makeup, amazing guitar finger-picking and fretwork, the constantly changing time signatures; just epic! I was looking forward to more after “Anybody Out There”, and now it’s finally here. Been listening to the website stream, and love what Ive heard. Now I just need a CD (autographed would be nice, cuz I missed your meet & greet the last night of Tour 101). Hope to see you again, touring with Jars would be awesome! Virtuosic indeed! Great interview, great questions from Charlie, especially about the time signatures.

I love Burlap to Cashmere. I last saw them when ‘Basic Instructions’ had come out. The concert was at Main Street Coffeehouse in Kansas City, MO.

I hope you pick my name.

I’m sooooooooo excited to hear the new album!! I’ve waited a LONG time for this, and although I really love Steven’s solo stuff he did in the meantime, I can’t wait to hear the new album! I totally agree too–Burlap to Cashmere is truly virtuosic. Thanks for the blog post! :)

I saw these guys with Jars of Clay on Tour 101 and it is great to hear their music again. They are extremely talented. What a great album–wish I could get an autographed copy if you still have any left.

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