Influencer’s Dinner

“The fundamental element that defines the quality of our lives is the people we surround ourselves with and the conversations we have with them.”

Over the past twenty years, Randy Elrod has dedicated himself to connecting cultural influencers. In 1999 he founded the re:Create Conference, an invitation-only international community of creatives and influencers that met annually for seventeen years in Franklin, TN. In the years since its inception, re:Create Conference alumni included TV stars, Disney Imagineers, best-selling authors, business owners, Forbes 400 corporate executives, famed artists, members of the Forbes Celebrity 500, comedians, Internet celebrities, and Grammy-Award winning performers.

In 2006, he founded Creative Community, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit that exists to provide spaces and gatherings of refreshment, encouragement, and diffusion of ideas, for creatives, influencers, and students.

And now, patterned after a concept by Jon Levy, Randy has organized an invitation-only dining experience in Dunedin, Florida called the Influencer’s Dinner with the intent of bringing extraordinary people together. The hope is that by bringing these thought leaders and tastemakers together, not only will it improve the quality of their lives, but also our community, and hopefully one day the world.

Invitation to the Influencers Community

It all begins when six to seven influencers from various industries are invited to attend each dinner. The Influencers Dinner is highly structured:

  • The guest list is kept secret.
  • Guests do not know one another beforehand.
  • Guests are asked not to discuss their work or achievements.
  • All attendees break into teams to help prepare cocktails, mocktails, or a simple meal where no mixology or cooking experience is necessary.
  • Once seated at the dinner table, all attendees take turns guessing their fellow guest’s professions — and afterward, reveal their last name and occupation.
  • The host covers the expense of the meal. A donation to a non-profit of an amount equal to or greater than the cost of a comparable night out is requested but not required.

After dinner, The Salon begins.

The Salon

The Salon is a celebration of people, ideas and the arts. We curate a diverse group of participants ranging from executives, athletes, scientists, designers, artists, and students. In between enjoying tasty cocktails and great conversations. At select dinners, our guests are often treated to a musician, artist, or speaker who will present conversation ideas.

It is distinct from the dinner because Influencer’s Dinner alumni are invited to return. There will often be fascinating guests and always a variety of cocktails, but no food is served.

Each salon features conversations on a selected theme of the evening.

Recommend Someone for Dinner 

If you would like to recommend a thought leader, influencer, or tastemaker as a dinner guest, tell us on our Influencers Dinner Recommendation page.  Please make sure to include their contact email.

Recommend Someone as a Guest Artist or Speaker for the Salon

If you would like to recommend someone exceptional in their industry as a Salon guest speaker or artist, let us know on our Salon Guest Artist/Speaker Recommendation Page.  Please make sure to include their contact email.

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