Just What Is The re:create Conference All About?

recreate_poster_2013-final-final“Just what is the re:create Conference all about?”

“What are the reasons you started it?

“Why another conference? Why re:create?”

“What do you want people to walk away with?”

These unexpected but timely questions came at lunch yesterday from (of all people) Melissa Greene, a long-time friend and mentee (22 years), who now serves as the re:create experience director.

I could not help but think, if Melissa needs these questions clarified, EVERYONE needs clarification.

Over 20 years ago, while serving as the Pastor of Arts at a South Florida mega-church, I was invited to an invitation only, denominational exclusive, small gathering of fellow ministers of music. Even though it was a wonderful experience, each year I felt a growing desire for more.

In 1999, as I sat at that conference listening to a famous urban pastor browbeat and shame us about our rich, elitist churches, and criticize methodologies different than his own, I realized I did not want to spend my entire conference budget and often a portion of my resource budget, just to go back home more tired than when I came.

I dreamed of a gathering:

—That welcomes creatives and artists from all denominations and walks of life

—That is not gender exclusive

—That is small enough to be intimate, but large enough to attract sponsors/partners

—That has no affiliation with a specific church

—That is not about any one personality, but about the tribe as a whole

—That values the power of collaboration

—That focuses on BEING, not DOING

—That provides refreshment and encouragement, not bully pulpits

—That features an extended time of dialogue with each speaker

—That celebrates grace not judgement

—That features speakers from the real world, not from the usual religious circuit

—That attracts a global tribe

—That celebrates the spread (diffusion) of new and innovative ideas

—That has extended, uninterrupted meal times over which to dialogue with each other

—That believes excellence comes at the intersection of passion and precision

—That is more about each other than even the content

—That focuses on laid back authenticity, not hype and glitz

—That celebrates all genres of art, not just music

—That celebrates wonder, beauty, and surprises

I could go on. But the above statements help sum up the values of re:create from the very beginning way back in 1999.

During the past fourteen years, in 1999 as Beyond 2K, and from 2001 until this very day at 4 pm, when re:create 2013 Nashville begins, we have stayed true to those ideals. They have been encapsulated into three words:

Refresh. Encourage. Diffuse.

And that is why a tribe was born and still lives today. A global tribe called…


And we need more of you to join this tribe. If these ideals and values make your heart beat a bit faster, perhaps you should consider joining us…

Question: If you have attended re:create, what are your thoughts?

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I attended the recreate conference for the first time last year. It was an incredible experience. I returned to my church overflowing with blessings. I’ve implemented more new creative ideas and ministry tools that came out of recreate 2012 than any other conference I’ve attended. My lead pastor remarked that he would need to take extra vitamins to be ready for when I returned this year! Recreate 2013 is an awesome experience already after just the first night.

“An Armenian & a Turk”

I’ve had the privilege of attending Recreate for the last 3 years and at Recreate 2011 I had an amazing encounter that felt like a “God setup.” There was an incredible group from Austin, TX called 1211 who decided to lead a worship experience in the round in the audience. I just happen to sit next to my friend Bryan Hitch in the “front row” and to my left just happen to be the viola player in the band. When they began to play, I noticed that the violist was having trouble with his monitor. Since we’re all musicians at Recreate and know how it is…I leaned over and said, “What do you need bro?” He told me he needed more in his monitor. So I just ran back to the sound console and got him what he needed and sat back down.

As the worship experience continued…it was incredibly sweet. After it ended, the violist and I were so moved at what the Lord did…we gave each other a hug. And then in this tender moment I reached out my hand and said, “Hey bro, my name’s Jon.” He shook my hand and with an accent said, “My name is Orhan.” So I asked him, “What’s your ethnicity man? And his reply was a shot through me when he said, “I’m turkish.”

Now being Armenian, I had never even met a Christian Turk (My grandparents fled the Armenian genocide and my great grand father was taken up on a death march and shot…simply because he was Armenian. Soooo, I took a breath and responded…”I’m Armenian….” and we sort of stared at each other. It was becoming clear that God had set us up…at least me. He had me serve the enemy….and yet he was my brother. We had already worshiped together, embraced…and now we realize we’re on opposite fences…but united in God. The God of reconciliation. So long story short, after getting home i ended up writing a song called “Reconciliation song” with the help of another Recreater McKendree on the bridge. And then Orhan ended up playing his breath taking viola on it (which was built in the 1700s and played virtuoso :)

I know God is a God of reconciliation…and so I choose to follow and bless! Here’s a copy of the demo we created: “Reconciliation Song”

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