My Book Review of “The Threat” by Andrew McCabe

5 out of 5 stars

Estimated reading time: Less than 3 minutes.

The following quote sets the context for this remarkable book. “It is a point of urgency for Americans to understand what the FBI really does, and why it matters so that the citizens of this country can join together for the common good. To protect our common interests and our common concerns against very real and rising threats by those in foreign governments, and in our own, who intend to unravel the rule of law in the United States.”

The intended audience for this book is ordinary American citizens who serve their communities and make up the backbone of institutions of every kind. Those who believe in due process, the vital importance of facts and standing up for what they believe in will most benefit from reading this book.

The two most significant lessons/benefits the reader will gain from reading this book is first, a clear and concise understanding (and perhaps unprecedented) of how the FBI operates. McCabe’s words, “The FBI’s core values — rigorous obedience to the Constitution, fairness, respect for those we protect, compassion, uncompromising personal integrity and institutional integrity, exemplary leadership, accountability, and embracing diversity — take their form and power not only from guidelines and procedures but through an animating culture, something that exists in the soul.”

And second, the dissembled circumstances surrounding the chaotic attack on the rule of law by Donald Trump. McCabe writes, “I am not aware of another president who has weighed in against ongoing criminal prosecutions in the overt, hostile, and unrelenting way that President Trump has.”

Reading this book gives a thoughtful person the benefit of clarity from a person who believes in process decision-making that is impossible to gain from the media of any persuasion. I quote: “There are so many news outlets now, and the competition for clicks is so intense, that any sufficiently outrageous statement made online by anyone with even the faintest patina of authority, and sometimes even without it, will be talked about, shared, and reported on, regardless of whether it has a basis in fact.”

The writing style of the author is engaging and clear. Reading the book feels like a brilliant, patriotic, and caring person is talking directly to you.


The book was just the right length. I never grew bored, and it was enjoyable and arresting to the end. The author stays on topic and never wavers.

I feel that McCabe writes credibly and transparently from wrenching personal experience. I would have preferred more details as the book drew to a close, but McCabe is unable to do so due to an ongoing lawsuit.

His book is similar to James Comey’s in that it details many of the same events — but McCabe’s viewpoint is different enough to be riveting and fresh. The author’s ability to lay out the facts in a far more straightforward way than we have learned them through the media lends this book a unique power and influence.

I cannot recommend this book more highly to those who imagine a future in which we have righted the ship of democracy. And who believes that the effort of the authoritarian Trump White House to politicize everything — could cost our country dearly.

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