One Response to “My Confession (Part Five)”

  1. “Naturally I first of all returned to the Christians of my circle, to people who were learned: to church leaders, missionaries, to theologians of the newest shade, and even again to Evangelicals. And I questioned them as to their beliefs and their understanding of the meaning of life.”

    It does read like an Emmersonian Solomon.

    One who has climbed Everest is likely to be disappointed when one describes their ascent of a friendly nature trail. One who has descended into the streets of Calcutta to care for those in abject poverty are offended by the complaints of the privileged. Likewise, one who steps out from the preconceived dogma into the challenging abyss of universal discovery (beyond self- or religious discovery) will be disappointed in the perspective of those who have not.

    It is therefore, incumbent upon the brave explorer to temper his expectations and humble himself to a nuanced appreciation for the perspective of the latter. This is a tall order when those perspectives are marred by disillusionment and disappointment. To appreciate the inherent value in another’s perspective can be daunting. It can seem disingenuous. By humbling myself–if only and especially in my own perspective–I recognize my fellow man as a common sojourner whose perspective will add value to my own and may indeed inform and spark new discoveries I missed along the way.

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