One Response to “My Confession (Part One)”

  1. “As I began to doubt this faith in the influence of religious men, I examined more closely the character and conduct of its most vocal leaders, and I realized many of these preachers were men who led immoral lives, most of them, insignificant individuals, and far beneath the moral level of those with whom I had begun to associate outside the walls of the church.”

    The power and popularity cult christianity you’re describing is disgusting.

    Yeah, I thought it was cool you rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of entertainment and influencing influencers. Even dropped your name here and there.

    When you started to explore taboo themes in your art and writing I felt you had gone a little far afield but appreciated your candor and the challenging perspective. You refreshing honesty was inspiring.

    I don’t know if this is when you are alluding to, but can see how your alienation–real and perceived, self- and outward-imposed–grew.

    To the quote above, I hear the despise and revulsion in its tone. I do wonder whether the disillusionment in your own psyche drew you into a jaded hypercriticism that ate away at the joy you had in life and the sincere appreciation for the simpler blessings of community, compassion, a shared sacred experience.

    It reads as if your faith became a function of the job, like your life was an extension of the Sunday-morning production.

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