My Favorite Dessert — And I Almost Guarantee You’ll Be Surprised!

A few years ago in the magical hill town of Asolo, Italy after a fabulous meal at a locally owned trattoria, the owner suggested we try their “unique” dolci (dessert).

There are few times in life when you are totally taken by gourmet surprise! This was one of those times.

It is simple.

It is pretty.

And it takes EVERYONE by surprise!

Place one scoop of the best “homemade” vanilla ice cream you can find (I like Blue Bell) in a pretty dessert bowl.


Are you ready?

Drizzle a small amount of balsamic vinegar over the ice cream.

Obviously, better quality balsamic makes this dessert unforgettable (the owner at the aforementioned Italian restaurant used an eye dropper and carefully and very dramatically measured out 50 year old balsamic).

But even a mediocre quality balsamic will make a stratospheric dessert that is sure to surprise.

Try it. I dare you.

Be sure to build up the dessert as a surprise to your guests, have them guess what it is, and its sure to surprise AND please!

Oh yeah, when you try it tonight—and you will—be sure to tell me what you taste.

And the answer will not be balsamic.

An amazing chemical reaction happens when the balsamic meets the ice cream and produces a taste that is absolutely yummy!

By the way, did you know that stressed spelled backwards is desserts?

Question: What is your favorite dessert?

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21 Responses to “My Favorite Dessert — And I Almost Guarantee You’ll Be Surprised!”

  1. I will be trying this soon… with artisan gelato made by a local genius! =)
    My fav dessert is his pistaccio gelato… sweet, but not too sweet -with a hint of salty… Brilliant! Paired with dark chocolate and or coconut… you want to hurt people if he’s sold out of it.

    My fav odd combination of things that takes people by surprise…. Curry Banana Soup! I NEVER would have put together chicken stock, carmelized onions, curry paste, and mashed bananas…. NEVER. My South African friend who made it for me refuses to tell what it is until it is in your mouth. A.MA.ZING!! You really can’t believe it until you try it.

    So I WILL try your balsamic ice cream… because one good surprise inspires others. =)

  2. Try adding strawberries and black pepper (seriously) to the ice cream and balsamic, or all of that minus the ice cream, plus some sugar.

    I’ve had balsamic, strawberries and sugar, but not balsamic and ice cream alone. I will try this!

    • This is one of my favourite desserts to serve friends. They can never believe that pepper & balsamic will taste incredible on ice cream with strawberries.

    • Black pepper????? Really, Chris. Oh. My. I do a strawberry reduction that I add to the balsamic and ice cream, but never black pepper…wow. Okay, I’ll give it a go…

  3. I will definitely be trying that soon! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Your dessert sounds…intriguing…but I’m pretty sure I’m not brave enough to try it. :-)

    For me, nothing beats a bowl of coffee ice cream (except maybe for homemade vanilla ice cream over fresh strawberries).

  5. Sounds yummy! My favorite dessert is Warm Blackberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream!

  6. Just tried it. WOW! What a surprise! Delicious!

  7. My husband and I tried this tonight and were duly impressed! Mmmmm Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Delizioso! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Well, tonight we had pasta with your simple marinara (edified by some Italian sausage), followed by this fascinating dessert. It was all so much better than sauce in a jar and Hershey’s syrup over ice cream. The balsamic vinegar adds a cherry taste, with an acidic tartness that could almost be identified as citrus. Loved it.

    Now, what do we have for an digestif?

  10. My husband reads your blog regularly and shared this unique dessert idea with me. I was dubious about the authenticity of your claim to be real honest. However, tonight, when I found my favorite Tahitian vanilla gelato at a discount, I decided to be brave and top it with the balsamic vinegar. All I had on hand was raspberry balsamic, and I mumbled to Trey that it better not ruin my gelato or I’d charge you for it. : ) No need! The dessert definitely lives up to the reputation it garnered with you, and I found it delicious. Thanks for sharing it. I will certainly be sharing it with friends the next time we have dessert guests.

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