My Top Ten Books That Almost No One Knows About

In no particular order, here are the books that have changed my life. I bet you have never heard of at least 8 of them.

Because I know about them doesn’t make me smarter than you, but it does mean I have some really well-read friends who have introduced them to me.

I commend them to you.

In fact, I dare you to read them (really read them, not scan them) and remain the same.

1. The Complete Essays of Montaigne. With many thanks to Hugh Hewitt for challenging me to be a Montaigne to others.

2. The Cultural Creatives. While Richard Florida has garnered most of the attention, this relatively unknown book has far more content that will change any creatives life and legacy.  Forever.

3. Reality And The Vision. I doubt if you can even find a copy, but this edition edited by re:create 2012 guest speaker Philip Yancey has challenged me to read, not more, but better.

4. Beauty. This decidedly non-Christian book has shaken my beliefs and foundations to the core.

5. The Courage To Write. A book that has given me the courage to attempt to advance beyond the standard Christian drivel.

6. Diffusion of Innovations. The reason I live my life. Period.

7. Human Universals. While most communicators continue to answer questions no one is asking, this book truly reveals the universal questions. Why do we not know about it? More importantly, why do we not care?

8. For The Life Of The World. Some say this is written by the Anglican counterpart of C.S. Lewis, I say “the layers underneath” have changed my life. Forever.

9. Cognitive Surplus. One of the most important books of today.

10. The Empathic Civilization. This book helps me understand why I am so misunderstood. And if you have a creative bone in your body, it will help you too. It foretells my present and my future. And it starkly reminds me why I am utterly alone.

Question: Have you heard of—or read—ANY of these books?

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12 Responses to “My Top Ten Books That Almost No One Knows About”

  1. Randy!
    Thanks for sharing, I am so excited to read all of them!

  2. No – I haven’t read any of them. Honestly, with my 14yo shoving the THE HELP under my nose every day (Read it, Mom! You have to!), I’m pretty sure she’ll shoot me if I don’t read that first.

    Those seem like some pretty deep reading. When do you find time?

  3. I have only read 8. For The Life Of The World.
    but ive read 3 times does that count? ha ha ha!!

  4. Wow. You are right, I have never heard of these, but I will check them out based on your recommendation. Thanks for making this list.

  5. Randy,

    There are very few people who I find to be genius in their passion, and fewer that I admire. You are one of three who I’ve crossed paths with (in person or in cyber-space). For that reason alone, I will make it a point to read all of the titles you recommend here, as I am able to purchase or borrow them. I have a suspicion that I will gain much insight into myself and others in exploring them.

    Thank you, from another frustratingly misunderstood…

  6. Up and down, but a gradually better. Thanks. : )

    Faith Hope and Love always remain…

  7. Hi Randy,

    I’ve read The Complete Essays of Montaigne, The Courage to Write but I think I’m going to have to go find the others right after I finish Art and Fear.

    Thanks for sharing!

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