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  1. Menage a trois red table wine!

  2. I’ll be honest; I can’t remember how much this cost me, but it was in the $10 range or less. I went to visit family this summer and took Oklahoma wines and beers with me to share and as a thank you for letting me stay with them.
    Personally, I’m a fan of whites, and especially sweet wines. Stone Bluff Cellars, in Haskell Oklahoma makes a delightful white they call “V” that is utterly delightful. It’s sweet, light, fruity, and just very nice to drink. It makes a wonderful dessert wine, I’d think.
    If you live in Oklahoma, check them out. If you live near Oklahoma, make a trip to an OK liquor store to check them out. You may need to call first to make sure that the store is carrying them, but oh, it was so nice.
    They have other wines, also, including “LuLu”, a fruity red that had a tang to it (to my taste, anyway) and others I didn’t try. http://www.stonebluffcellars.com/ (No, I don’t work for them. I just really liked “V”, and the bottle (the bright cobalt blue) is really pretty, too.)

  3. Thanks Randy – I always wondered about the Cupcake wines (knock off of Cakebread?). But now I’ll try them. The Two Vines as well.

    Here’s my fav under $10.00 (though you may have to go to Costco for the savings)

    Red Diamond: Merlot and Cab – $8.99
    Bogle: Merlot $8.99 (The Syrah is amazing but it’s $11.99)
    Cycles Gladiator: Petit Syrah, Merlot and Cab $8.99-9.99
    Gato Negro: Shiraz, Cab/Merlot, $5.99
    Luna di Luna: Cab/Merlot, Shiraz $8.99 (fun bright colored bottles)

  4. Bogle Merlot – very smooth. $9.99 at the wine store next to Costco (if you live near Cool Springs area)

  5. Irony Old Vine Zin (91 points – Wilfred Wong) I was getting this at BevMo for $8.99 or so. Good, complex…lots of flavor.

  6. Technically not under $10, at least not anywhere I’ve seen, is Gruet Sparkling Wine from NM (yes, New Mexico)! Close to $10, however.

  7. I’m opening one tonight!

      • @Randy Elrod, well, originally I was referring to the Bogle since I had it on-hand already. But just stopped by the wine store and found several of your recommendations. The Cupcake Petite Syrah, Bohemian Highway Merlot and the Yalumba Viognier. So, now I’m in a quandary as to what to try first! My wine guy also suggested a new California red they’re carrying called Apothic Red – the Winemaker’s Blend. It was $8.99 so I’ll give it a try. Have you had it?

        • @Deb Barnett, Ah. i haven’t had the Cupcake Petite Syrah—only the Cab & Sauvignon Blanc & Chard. I’ll be interested in what you think of the Petite.

          What is your food for the evening? That will determine the wine.

          No I haven’t had the Apothic— let me know what you think.

  8. I’m a big fan of the red ménage y trois. I recently tried Rex Goliath cab and Pinot and they were both excellent. They were 2 for 10$ at harris teeter. Not too shabby. Also Verdi champagne is good at about 6$.

    What are the Sunday wines?? :))

  9. Don’t know if its been mentioned yet, Santa Rita 120 Cab is a favorite. Can get it at Trader Joe’s for about $7.99.

    • @pedro, No, it has not been mentioned. Nice. Again, unfortunately, I live in Tennessee—no wine in our grocery stores!

      I wonder if you can find the Santa Rita 120 Cab anywhere else?

  10. Great vid Randy. Our recent fav has been “Darby and Joan” cab, which I believe costed us 9.99…

  11. Randy, Two of my favorites besides what you mentioned are Little Black Dress merlot and cab, and Red Guitar for a good inexpensive red table wine. I think they are under ten bucks! If not, you all might try them on Sundays!

  12. Right now, it’s Alamos Malbec. $7.99 and delicious.

    • @Linda Dubin, I have never heard of it. And i think you get the distinction (unless I missed one) of recommending the first Malbec. They seem to be really sexy right now.

      Thanks, Linda!!

  13. Make a trip to Frugal’s and grab a few bottles. Definitely worth it. :-)

  14. What a great post! Thanks for the tips!

    We LOVE Barefoot Zinfandel! One of the best…and only $4.99/bottle. We LOVE Smoking Loon Merlot and we also really enjoy quite a few wines from Trader Joes!

    • @Nini Lettner, Thanks, Nini!! I haven’t tried the Barefoot Zin, I’ll give it a try.And I don’t think we’ve had the Smoking Loon Merlot. We’ve had the Viognier and Cab. another one to try. ah yes, so many wines, so little time!!

  15. Thank you for this helpful synopsis (I love the way that you did the video w/ the post-it notes on each bottle – brilliant!).

    I long to be a wine connoisseur, but – in truth – I fall into the “wine novice” category. ;)

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