One-on-Ones with Randy

I do two types of One-on-Ones.

1) We meet physically or via Skype One-on-One. I act as an encouraging and safe guide who practices the art of listening and asking questions for your life, work, and play. I lead a very limited number of these each year.

2) 48 Hours of Solitude.

48_Hours_Of_Solitude_Banner“One-On-One” Benefits:

  • 48 hours of total solitude in a beautiful retreat setting
  • A full 8 hours of mentoring one-on-one with Randy Elrod featuring a safe non-judgmental environment and “anything goes” conversation about your choice of topics: leadership, creativity, ministry, entrepreneurship, finances, social networking, teamwork and many more while hiking with Randy OR just sitting and talking on the porch looking over the bluffs and scenic vistas while sipping Southern sweet iced tea
  • Two nights in a stunningly beautiful location
  • Meals prepared from scratch by Randy  (Italian Feast & Crepes and much more) with the optional opportunity for “on the job” cooking lessons if you wish.
  • The most unique communion service of your life.
  • Fine wine tasting and an ABC’s of Wine etiquette class (optional)
  • Time to explore
  • Only ten One-on-One experiences available per year
  • For additional info and references: E-mail HERE

Here’s what people are saying about their experience at a One-on-One:

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“I came to 48 Hours of Solitude in a place of exhaustion and frustration, and left so refreshed and encouraged.  I learned how to rest and dream again.  It was such a beautiful and peaceful place and the one on one time with you was unbelievable.  Thanks for making yourself available to guys like me and sharing the massive amount of knowledge you have with me (and your cooking skills…the food was amazing!).  It has already impacted my ministry and personal life in a huge way.” -Joel Bowder (St. Louis, MO) Twitter: @jbowder

“I had the privilege of spending time with Randy Elrod this summer for some “1 on 1 Mentoring”.  To say that our time together had a huge impact would be an understatement.  Randy has a way of listening and coaching that opens your eyes to seeing so many things.  Several months later, and I’m still wrestling through the things we uncovered and can’t wait for our next time of mentoring”. -Fred McKinnon (St. Simons Island, GA) Twitter: @fmckinnon

“My mentoring session with Randy Elrod was wonderful. A great time to just let my thoughts loose with no strings attached. He really helped me to change my ministry thought process. He also totally changed the way I was thinking about taking a sabbatical. The time we spent together will go down as a benchmark in my ministry career. His ministry experience, people experience, and overall church experience gave a great frame of reference for our discussions. He is an incredibly “safe place” to process thoughts and ideas.”  -Richard Wentz (Little Rock, AR) Twitter: @rwentz

“It is amazing how Randy can sit with you and make you feel like you are the only one that exists.  My “One-on-One” mentoring time was a great opportunity to open up about life and ministry without fear of being judged or preached at.  Randy has open ears, an open heart and loves people.” -Louis Tagliaboschi (Bowling Green, KY) Twitter: @louistag

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