Own Original Art Like A Collector

Many people have the mistaken notion that owning original art is a luxury reserved only for well-heeled art collectors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because of recent advances in pigment durability, watercolor paintings are the new and affordable “oil masterworks.” While an original oil painting usually costs thousands of dollars—most high quality original watercolor paintings can still be purchased for well under $1,000.

There was once no comparison to the durability and brilliance of painting with oil, but watercolors today have come into their own. When care is properly taken, many watercolor paintings can last  over a hundred years, and the brilliance of current watercolors (created by modern research and development) can match that of most oils.

Bob Briner in his book Roaring Lambs says, “I believe every home should have at least one original painting, drawing, sculpture, or photograph displayed…frame it, mount it on a wall, and make a big deal about it.” He goes on to say, “I’m constantly amazed at how many parents encourage their children to pursue musical talents but not visually artistic talents. Maybe this helps explain why there are so few Christians in the visual arts.”

So in that spirit, and for the Christmas season, I have decided to offer my visual artistic services for three original commissioned works of art. All you need do is send a high-res photo of your choice via e-mail to: randyelrod (at) comcast (dot) net. Payment will be 50% on acceptance and 50% on delivery. If submitted by Dec. 8, the painting can be ready in time for Christmas.

The price depends on the complexity of the subject matter and the size painting desired. The average price for a 12″ x 16″ original watercolor (of medium complexity) on high-quality, hand-made paper  is $500. A 22″ x 30″ original watercolor (of medium complexity) on high-quality, hand-made paper  is $750.

This is the perfect way to own original art like a collector. Commission an affordable original portrait of a friend, family member or your entire family, your home, or favorite photograph today. No sitting or modeling required.

For examples of my work and an opportunity to purchase existing art, visit my online gallery HERE.

Do you own (or plan to own) an original work of art?

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I totally agree. We commissioned our first piece of original art as new parents when we had no money at all, but an artist friend agreed to do a picture of our 1974 Mini (that had to be sold because the seatbelts were unsuitable for the baby seat, very sad). The finished piece was two inches by two inches and still has pride of place on our mantelpiece!

Our walls are covered in original paintings, photographs, and limited edition prints. Some of the paintings have been done by our children (but are far from childish) and there is nothing better for a child’s self-confidence than framing and hanging one of their creations.

@Mark Jaffrey, Randy, that is very cool of you…I think if you love art you can easily start a collection..Instead of buying some Starbucks, save that money to start your collection..There are definitely ways to do it, even on a budget!!

Mark, that IS awesome!!..Totally agree..I have originals by well known artists (and love them..Randy, I am an avid collector, don’t misunderstand..I do not wish to minimize the artist..Au contraire, you’re work is amazing!!)…But my very favorite pieces have been done by family members, past and present…Funny, when someone comes to my home, I skip over the “bought” paintings and show them the “priceless” pieces done by my kids, mom, dad, grandmother etc..Gems

I think the only original artwork we had in our house was my brother’s and mine. We both were very creative. I don’t know where his works are. He died young and I don’t know what my parents did with them. I did take mine with me. I loved it that my let us be creative. That is why I like to help kids in our church every Thursday evening to let them be creative. They are amazing. Especially the boys amaze me.

Yesterday I was thinking about your paintings. I just checked and found out you made one I didn’t know. “Beautiful music”. It’s so beautiful. Still my favourite is “art of sacrament”. And Aslan also amazes me. Fathers eyes and the one with the two guitars are drawing my attention. Is it still possible to purchase “art of sacrament”? I want that one in my kitchen. Paypal was not working on my side, now it is. I did check with them.
But I have to wait. I can’t purchase it now. I know I must be driving you crazy. I hope you don’t mind and maybe it’s not even available anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised because it’s so beautiful.

@Ani, Thanks so much, Ani. Yes, the original is sold, but it is still available in prints. Thanks so much for the kind words, and it is awesome you were allowed to be creative and that you are helping others.

Just let me know.

I was truly spoiled and blessed to have a grandmother who was an artist. I have many of her pieces in my home that were either gifts or inheritances. I think there is nothing like a limited edition (have owned those as well) or an original piece.

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