Reasons I’m Thankful Today

ThankfulnessWhen one goes through any type of suffering, choices must be made.

We choose either to walk a journey of self absorption or to walk a journey of thankfulness.

On the first mile of running yesterday, I realized my mind was consumed with thoughts of bitterness, anger and questions of why. I literally stopped in my tracks.

And shouted out loud, “No!,  I will not continue to let these thoughts consume me. I choose to be thankful.” As tears came, I screamed it louder, “I CHOOSE TO BE THANKFUL.”

Here are just a few reasons, of myriad, I’m thankful:

1.) For President Obama. And for federal insurance that covers pre-existing conditions.
2.) For great doctors. Drs. Martin Molina, Chad Long, Andy Hawthorne, Brian Shimkus, and Mikala Rush.
3.) For Viktoria Samuel, the caring financial consultant at our oncologist, who while battling cancer herself, helped us find insurance when it seemed there was none to be found.
4.) For family that have shown concern and love. For Mom & Dad and my sis Cheryl, my brother Terry, my sister-in-law Amy, and for Gina’s Dad and son Brian.
5.) For true friends that have been constant.
JR & Niki Taylor
Ben & Melissa Greene
Cindy Hoppes
Daniel White
George & Kathy King (who are in their own battle for life.)
Mark Jaffrey
Steven & Gaby Benson
Matt, Eva & Ally Venegas (our next door neighbors)
Agatha Nolan
Ramy & Tiffany Antoun
Nathan & Ashley Johns
Vince Marotte
Karen Wachtel
Paul Matta
Donna Ciccarelli
The #recreate13 tribe
and always in a list like this, you forget someone. My sincere apologies if I have.
6.) For social networks. The outpouring of support on Twitter and Facebook has been amazing and very, very encouraging. As Gina has undergone countless procedures, exams and doctors appointments, during an emotional roller coaster of life and death diagnoses, reading your comments, tweets and likes has been the lone bright spot during many of the past twelve days.
7.) For a caring and highly trained therapist, who has helped impart the strength and guidance needed to survive a catastrophic two years.
8.) For a simple but peaceful home in which to live and call our own.
9.) For my late granny Katherine’s soft, warm and beautiful handmade quilt that has comforted and covered Gina these past two weeks. There is just something magical and healing about handmade quilts. We have literally felt the personality and muse of my grandmother who was one of the most feisty, fun and alive persons I’ve ever known.
10.) For collaboration. To watch five doctors seamlessly and selflessly work together to determine Gina’s health problem has been encouraging and educational. I have “preached” collaboration all my life, but to watch it in action when life is on the line, gives entirely new meaning.

I’m thankful.

Question: What are YOU thankful for today?

11 Responses to “Reasons I’m Thankful Today”

  1. I’m thankful to be married to a vibrant, living, healthy, amazing testimony of “life after cancer”, who against all odds, beat acute leukemia, then survived to marry me, naturally conceive and birth 4 amazing kids, and still put up with me and my selfish bag of a person. Prayers for you both.

  2. Glad you made a good choice.

    When my wife was diagnosed with her bone marrow condition, it was just a question of surviving the process and trying not to let it affect welcoming our brand new daughter into the world. But really, what are you supposed to do? We just got through each day, each test, each painful bone marrow biopsy, the unknown, the uncertain future.

    Here we are, down the road a way, and we have made peace with the unknown and the uncertainty. We’ve had eleven whole years so far and I for one am VERY thankful.

    We’re standing with you in prayer every day.

  3. I am most thankful for a loving and gracious God. I am thankful that He chose me and I have the hope of eternal life.

    I am thankful for my husband, children and their spouses and my grandson. I am thankful that The Lord saw us through a critical health situation with my son when he was young. God is so good.

    I am blessed to have family and friends who care for me and who I care about. I am humbled to know that when I pray for these so dear to me, He hears and understands my heartfelt prayers.

    I’m thankful for my home, my job and the joy I have living a simple and fulfilling life.

    I am thankful for Randy and Gina for giving me this opportunity to express my thanks.

    My prayers are constant for restored health for my friend, Gina.

  4. Tammy and I continue to pray for Gina and for you, Randy. Much thanks to you and Gina for #recreate13 tribe even happening!

    Please let me know if I can do anything practical as well as be in prayer.

  5. I have been praying for you in these 2 days or so that I missed your postings.

    I am truly thankful for being able to communicate over facebook, etc, because in tense moments, I think of all the messages I have received and just feel like I reach out and hold on to them, and that gives me strength. We’ve now gone through 14 months of chemo, CT scans shows the tumors are growing, but Bill is so carefully doing all he can to keep his immune system in good condition…that along with prayers and he is astounding the oncologist.
    GOD bless you all!!

  6. I am thankful for every day I walk with my husband, Gary, on this earthly pilgrimage…each day is such treasured gift! And I’m especially grateful for God’s incredible patience, mercy and understanding when I fall short of walking in faith, when I waiver and stumble and doubt, and He lifts and carries me through the darkest hours. I am thankful for the company and brothers and sisters who walk with us on our journeys and encourage and strengthen us when we are weak. Help us all to savor and rejoice in each moment we are given.

  7. Marti Wroughton February 25, 2013 at 10:11

    I am so thankful for dear long time friends like Gina. Thanksful that we’ve been able to get back in touch through FB. Thankful for my husband Dave and that although still paralyzed, he’s alive, his mind is good and he’s here with me. Thankful for my children and grandchildren. Thankful for salvation and wonderful Christian parents, thankful i still have my mama and knowing that my dad is in heaven waiting for us. Thankful for new friends who have encourage and supported Dave and I as we struggle daily but always find joy in the little things. Thankful that God answers prayer and still performs miracles. I love Gina and am so thankful she has such a wonderful supportive loving family. I will continue to pray for a full and complete recovery.

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