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  1. It’s not archaic at all..I completely agree with you..I love my phone and all the social enjoyment it offers, but nothing can replace person engagement with me..Eye contact, facial expression and body language is crucial to understanding what someone is saying..No digital device can replace a real smile, a flirty wink or a good hardy LOL!!

  2. Randy,

    I was delighted to see this post during my Friday afternoon perusal of Facebook! I completely agree. Beautifully written.

  3. …and now I think I’ll go to dinner with my husband and leave my Blackberry at home.

  4. Randy,
    Certainly not archaic. Something that I personally struggle with myself, even though I believe it to be inconsiderate in many situations as you have indicated. Some of the best dinners and times are when its left behind.

  5. thanks for the reminder. often times my wife and i will be on our phones talking to one another in the same room. i hate that. those rules are great. one thing i absolutely love about our gatherings at recreate. thanks again.

  6. I AM archaic and I love this blog. Few things are more offensive than being ignored by a twit checking a tweet. Thanks Randy.

  7. I’m late to the party on this one!

    This is a symptom. Of what, I’m not sure. Before mobile/digital, the flickering blue tint was on our curtains from our television(s). I’m interested in seeing whatever art piece you produce. The blue tint makes an interesting modern motif.

    The problem isn’t the medium/technology. The problem seems addictive in nature. Being present with another person requires sacrifice. A giving of oneself to another. Letting go.

    And that’s a difficult practice for all of us. Your rules are a fantastic start!

    (PS – love this blog, Randy)

    • @Keith Jennings, I LOVE your quote: “Being present with another person requires sacrifice. A giving of oneself to another. Letting go.”

      So true. Thanks so much for joining the conversation, Keith.

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