Social Networking: Why Rising Tides Lifts All Ships

Hugh Hewitt and Michael Hyatt did it for me.

I did it for the charismatic Carlos Whittaker.

I’m doing it now for the brilliant Keith Jennings.


We all believe…

Rising Tides Lifts All Ships.

We believe in what Tim Sanders calls the law of reciprocity.

In fact, by quoting Tim and linking to his words, I am practicing this very principle.

“For the most part, every time you do the right thing for your customers, employees, partners, and/or greater community, these people will find a way to repay you, through loyalty, by giving thoughtful feedback to improve your business, by telling their friends to buy from you or to work at your company.

As Adam Smith, the grandfather of Western economic philosophy, wrote in The Theory of Moral Sentiments: “No benevolent man ever lost altogether the fruits of his benevolence. If he doesn’t always gather them from the persons from whom he ought to have gathered them, he seldom fails to gather them from other people, and with a tenfold increase. Kindness is the parent of kindness.”

Think now (this very minute) of a blogger, Facebook friend or Twitterer that you can refer to, link to, quote, or otherwise LIFT.

It is a win-win.

Outgoing links are just as important (or more so) as incoming links!

Question: Whose ship are you raising? or…Whose ship will you raise today?

If you like this, then darn it…click one of the buttons below and start practicing the law of reciprocity!

16 Responses to “Social Networking: Why Rising Tides Lifts All Ships”

  1. Thank you, Randy! I can’t communicate my appreciation of your ongoing encouragement and support with mere words.

    I promise to pay it forward! To help mentor, coach and equip the next generation of Creatives.

    And, I will work to pay it back through ongoing support of your ministry – Creative Community Inc.!

  2. Thanks so much, Keith for the extraordinary contribution you make to my creative life and so many others!

    May your tribe and ship rise HIGH!!

  3. This is the biggest lesson I have learned about blogging, and social media in the last six months. Thanks Randy for this post.

  4. Randy,
    Yes. That’s really what it’s all about. I love it when I get a “pingback” – and the reason my site was mentioned (or tweet) in their blog post was because they were sharing their “Top Referrers”. The beauty of our ever-growing, yet also continued-focusing network is that we each have so much to share that is of great value. For anyone that I know, I want to say that they are somewhat incomplete until they’ve experienced what you (or other people we network with) have to follow. It’s humbling when someone considers something we say in that capacity, yet rewarding. Even more rewarding to “lift” someone else.

  5. Randy, this is so true! It’s very cool when you see a “chain reaction” within the group of people that read and write similar material catch onto the same general idea and express themselves.

  6. Your “if you like this…” made me laugh out loud! And, yes, I clicked like. :)

  7. I love everything about this. Seth Godin hits on this in the idea of a gift economy. The key part of the motivation to create a rising tide is to lift others ships, not necessarily to get reciprocation. Then it’s not a gift, it’s a transaction.

    Every time I find something that I love, I shout it from the rooftops. I found Keith’s stuff awhile back and I always share it. Last week, a musician named Josh Garrels came out with an incredible and in my opinion, ground-breaking album for the Christian world. I’ve been telling everyone who will listen.

    I do it to rise the tides. I don’t expect anything in return. The funny thing is though, when I do that, something always comes in return. Usually from someone else!

    • @Tony Alicea, Love this, Tony…”I do it to rise the tides. I don’t expect anything in return. The funny thing is though, when I do that, something always comes in return. Usually from someone else!”

      So true!

  8. That’s a good “rule” and I’ve seen it work wonders for influencers-on-the-rise.

  9. you bet’cha!

    It’s game theory. And better proven in The Nash Theory of Equilibrium. It flies in the face of “strongest should win” age-old idea of prosperity; and appears to be quite true. His theory has been used to win anti-trust lawsuits.

    Great message, Randy.

    BTW… that reminds me… I’ll take a plug, if you’re giving them out! :)

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