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“Santa Claus” — My Latest Watercolor

Here’s my take on the magic of Santa Claus. One of my greatest childhood memories. The idea came from my wife Chris’ heirloom childhood Christmas book. 12″ x 16″ Original Watercolor NFS Special Offer Archival Giclee Prints available in time for Christmas if ordered by Dec. 8. Archival Giclee prints are available 8.5″ x 11″ […]

Lion of Judah — My Latest Watercolor

This is a private commission for Kevin & Julie Ortenblad to hang above the music room at their lodge called Sanctuary in Colorado. It is the largest watercolor I have ever painted. 36″ x 45″ I used special order Arches handmade watercolor paper. There are several symbolic references. Various size prints are available. To purchase […]

Own Original Art Like A Collector

Many people have the mistaken notion that owning original art is a luxury reserved only for well-heeled art collectors. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because of recent advances in pigment durability, watercolor paintings are the new and affordable “oil masterworks.” While an original oil painting usually costs thousands of dollars—most high quality original […]

Pathos (After Rubens) — My Latest Watercolor

Original Watercolor (unframed) 22″x 30″ $750. Archival Giclee prints are available 8.5″ x 11″ $55. US 9″ x 13″ $65. 11″ x 17″ $85. 13″ x 19″ $105. 16″ x 20″ $150. 17″ x 22″ $170. 17″ x 25″ $175. Shipping is $6.99 per order in USA. (USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking) International and express […]

How To Become A Better Artist

“Artists are constantly in search of the hidden meaning of things, and their torment is to succeed in expressing the world of the ineffable.” This powerful statement was made by the Polish poet Karol Wojtyla (who later was elected Pope John Paul II) in his seminal Letter To Artists. This torment to become a better […]