If You Don’t Ask Yourself This Question Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Road-to-Angel-FireWarning: This question could dramatically change your life forever.

Here is the question: “Apart from my job, apart from what I do…

Who am I?”

Have you ever met someone new, and they asked “Who are you?”—rather than the standard question, “What do you do?” If we are honest, that probably has never happened. We are conditioned by the institutions of life (religion, education, family, society) to be what we do instead of who we are.

That makes for serious trouble come mid-life time—and for some of us—even before. Very few people have ever asked themselves honestly, “Who am I?” We don’t know how to ask that question, and if we are one of the rare ones who do, we don’t know how to find the answer. And there are very few wise guides with an internalized consciousness (in other words, who really know themselves) in today’s world.

I believe it is of vital importance to ask this question. To ask questions. To question EVERYTHING. Because good questions lead to freedom and the right questions lead to meaning.

What if the reason we have been created is to BE—not DO. And what if our doing should be a natural overflow of our being.

For me, I’ve discovered BEING is helping people like you connect with your being—your meaning—and encouraging you to find the inner strength to live out this being free and clear.

Is it really possible to “Do WHAT YOU ARE?”

That, my friend, is a good question! And I believe the answer is a resounding YES!!

But very few people have the courage or a wise guide to help ask this simple but profound question.

That is why I created the new video series and self-coaching guide, “God, I Have A Question…or Two.” Click HERE to Pre-Order.

It is a guide to asking the RIGHT questions of yourself, of others, and yes…of God.

It will release Thanksgiving week. As I near completion of this new project, I have the distinct feeling it is the most important work of my life so far.

So, who are you?

By randy

Encouraging people to find out who they are so they can live their lives fully.