This Profane 32-Second Video Clip Is Proof That Christians Have Sold Their Souls To Trump

Growing up in a Christian home I was taught that taking the Lord’s name in vain was WORSE than the unpardonable sin—mainly because no one knew what the unpardonable sin—blaspheming the Holy Ghost—even meant.

Even today I am prone to use curse words and even slip and let the F-bomb fly but I have NEVER, EVER been able to utter the profane and blasphemous word that Trump used at that horrific rally and I never intentionally use ANY curse word when children are present.

If I (or any other American President) had ever publicly used the word Trump flippantly and forcefully says here knowing there are many impressionable children in the room and watching on video (you can find that word at the 16 second mark of the video below) not to mention in the context of an obviously fabricated story cloaked with a chilling warning we would have been instantly disqualified from leadership by ANY and EVERY Evangelical Christian.

But not anymore. His vulgar usage of the Lord’s name will not discredit him because Christians don’t care anymore. They have sold their souls to the devil—and even when he acts and talks like the heretic he is— they don’t care. A few Christians will act like they are angry to save face and in a few days they will continue to worship at the altar and they will again vote for this corrupt and reprobate man.

By randy

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