Unspoken Requests: Meditations & Prayers for the Wounded & Wandering

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If you’ve ever felt hopeless about meditation and prayer because you can’t stop hurting, you just don’t feel like it; or you are angry at God, angry at your life or angry at other “christians”, then I’ve got something VERY important for you…

Lose the shame and the guilt FIRST and the meditations and prayers will gradually return. It’s true. And it’s really the ONLY way to LIVE LIFE without giving up!

As an ordained minister, for twenty-nine years, I’ve served as Pastor of the Arts at some of the most influential mega-churches in the world.

But I’ve got a BIG confession.

Six years ago I felt like a total failure. I was exhausted, hurt and angry. I was disillusioned about religion and felt as if I was wandering aimlessly through life. Thankfully I finally discovered a way to meditate and pray.

It’s about letting go of shame and stress, and Feeding Your Soul instead.

Turns out there’s a real spiritual need to utter private unspoken requests.

This little book (the first of ten to come) gives you the ability to SPEAK the words you have been afraid to utter. Words of meaning and life.

An old book of prayers similar in scope helped me gradually start a rhythm of contemplation again. But most of the prayers were self-deprecating and reminiscent of my empty, angry and legalistic religious past.

I found myself completely rewriting them to express my heart, my internal consciousness, and my deepest, most honest feelings.

I hope this collection of simple but heartfelt prose helps you as much as they’ve helped me.

“For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.” —Saint Teresa of Avila

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By randy

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