What’s Happens For Some Of Us On Father’s Day?

Darkness happens. Night happens. All the nightmares that come only when the sun goes down happens.

That’s what happens to helpless yet loving Fathers who have been ghosted and ostracized by their children.

Who has not made a mistake? The world is usually kind, it forgives, it is full of second chances.

But when the precious children you taught to love unconditionally and to forgive—are filled with endless years of unforgiveness and hatred, bitterness and malice, anger and disappointment, shame and judgment—darkness happens. For both father and children.

Strange, isn’t it? To have dedicated one’s life to fatherhood, neglecting other aspects of one’s life, only to have that venture, in the end, amount to nothing at all, the products of one’s labors utterly forgotten?

By randy

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