Why I’m Moving Back To Nashville

Austin cityscapeSince we posted the video for our home sale, the questions are flooding my phone, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. I’ve even had a few real-life people ask me about it.

So instead of repeating the same story a hundred times, I’ve decided to tell the whole world. Or at the very least, those of you who occasionally stop by my social networks.

On the flight home from Tampa a few days ago, my wife Gina and I were tearfully recounting the previous days—the death of her 32 year-old daughter-in-law who left Gina’s youngest son a widower at age 33 and also left behind a 5 year-old daughter—and talking about family and how important we feel it is to be closer to them. After several more discussions, we made the decision to put our home in Austin on the market.

There are several reasons why we made this decision:

  • We want to be closer to our families. All of them live east of the Mississippi. This move will bring us a minimum of 10 hours closer to everyone. Heck, it takes eight hours to get out of Texas.
  • I have just completed two years of weekly intense psychotherapy regarding my past, present and future and both Dr. Steve and I feel comfortable with the timing of this decision.
  • Most of my business connections are in the Nashville area. And, what is good for business is good for me…and for my non-profit.
  • Most of our friends are in Nashville. Gina and I have made several new friends here in Austin, but many of the ones with whom we have decades of history are in or near to the Nashville area.
  • It is a good financial move for us from a real estate point of view. From a sellers market to a buyers market.
  • It is my home. I was born, bred and raised in the mountains of Tennessee. The sights, sounds and smells are comforting and nostalgic to me. I need that now more than ever before.

We have made an offer on a beautiful home in the country northeast of Nashville, and when our home sells here in Austin (and it should sell very soon), we plan to relocate immediately.

The two years here in Austin (yes, two years) have been healing and I wouldn’t trade them for anything, but it’s time for a new chapter in our lives, and we feel strongly it needs to be in Nashville.

I have to admit I will miss the eternal sunshine and heavenly bar-b-que and the sumptuous HEB and Central Market grocery stores; but I relish the return to four distinct and rhythmic seasons, verdant trees and foliage, rolling mountains, the sound of cicadas at night and the magic of fireflies.

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Randy, you have been a terrific mentor to me and many. Family is most important, so I applaud the desire to be nearer! Having family on both coasts for us is not a fun ordeal. Bless you my friend! I can’t wait to see God’s gracious work in you this next season.

Congratulations on the move. I am excited to have you closer. Will be praying for the move, and the sale.

I’m very happy for you both. I appreciate that your decisions are not taken lightly! I’ll be praying for a smooth transition!

Thanks so much, Paul. You know of what i speak. You have had your struggles with family illness as well.

Thanks, Douglas. Family is family. Even when they don’t know it. Do it.

Dang! For me, but Bang! Snap! For your friends in Nashville. I was looking fwd to hanging out more in our awesome city. Good moves are good moves, though, and Nashville is almost as cool ad Austin!

Thanks, Doug. I do indeed love Austin, but as I said, Tennessee is home sweet (tea) home. :)

Good to have you headed back in the 615. We are not a weird as Austin but we sure are strange. This is indeed a city where you can see some guy that picks junk, a ccm “celebrity”, an actual celebrity, a famous figure skater, and some guys that can’t even explain what his job his but makes way more than you could ever imagine before breakfast and thats just at over coffee before the door goes up at Merridees.

I pray that the healing that you have found away in the last two years will only get better with sweat tea that could also be served as pancake syrup at Waffle House.

After reading this, I closed my eyes. Sighed. Then I asked the Holy Spirit, “What do you have for Randy?” In my imagination I saw a bright yellow sun rising from behind gloomy mountains. The sun was massive. Even in my mind it was difficult to stare at its brilliance. Now I’m excited for you! You and Gina are awesome! Love, Paul.

Thanks so much, Paul. I hope that bright yellow sun is shining bright there in California for you also…

Welcome back! The real question is… which NFL team will be your number 1? Am I still going to have to suffer with those “Go Texans!” tweets?

Ah, Bryan. You notice I didn’t mention football in this post. I really, really have no idea who I will be rooting for. Hmmm. Coach Fisch is in St. Louis… I have no idea….I was totally frustrated with the collapse late last season of the Texans, and their lack of dealing with it in the off-season…ahhh…you see what a quandary you have raised in my heart… :) It will be good to have a beer with you soon and catch up.

Well, I guess the upside for both the Titans and Texans is…. at least they’re not Cleveland. Or Jacksonville.

And yes, I look forward to a cold one with you soon old friend. Grab a kayak or canoe and let’s float something.

Wow… 2 years? Can it be possible that you have been in Austin for that long? Wow! Hoping and praying that your move will be smooth and that God would richly bless your decision and that he would rekindle old friendships and family relationships.

First I’m sad that in all my own busyness I totally missed all this happening with Gina and her family. Please pass along our condolences in this terrible loss.

Second, I pray your return to Nashville is fruitful and healing in every aspect. The last couple of times I was there it just seemed too strange that you weren’t there. Life takes me to Nashville way more than Austin so hope to see u again!

Thanks, Fred. It has been a tough time in the middle of tough times. Looking forward to the possibility of Nashville.

I guess either place you’re about the same distance to New Orleans, so we’ll be happy to see you go wherever you are happiest! Good luck selling your house and making the move.

Best of Love to you Randy! We didn’t get to spend enough time together while you were here, and for that I’m sorry. But I envy the climate change you’ll get to experience, and will use that as an excuse to come see you there! Much love brother!

I fully understand the feelings. We moved to Dallas at the start of the year for a job on contract that would lead to a full-time one, but it isn’t home and it isn’t where our family and friends are. It was right to come and it’s right to go. We’re headed back as well. Best wishes!

Man, I sure will miss you guys being so close….but can absolutely understand why y’all are making the move back! You and Gina have been such a blessing in my life, and I appreciate what time we’ve spent together in Austin. You will most certainly be missed, but I look forward to seeing you guys in February if not before!

Love and blessings,

Lindsey Dukes

Thanks, Lindsey. You are awesome, and it has been so great getting to know you. You are a gifted lady!

God’s best to you in this move. You are all in my prayers. Peace and love and wonderful music and joy every day! Love you. Connie

Welcome home to Nashville. I love how you summarized things you love about Music City at the end of your post. I sat nodding as I read it.

I love Austin, but Nashville is such a unique and special place. Have a safe trip home.

Discovered your blog b/c we’re considering the exact same thing, moving back to Nashville. Visited recently and the atmosphere is fantastic. The perfect blend of Southern friendliness and metro electricity for us. Enjoying going through your posts…

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