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Search for Best Sandwich in Tampa Bay

It’s on! First up is the Italian Beef Sandwich at Portillo’s in St. Pete. I can’t express how excited I was to find that Portillo’s had come to our area. My first and only experience (until today) was with fellow foodie friends while in Chicago

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A Birthday Chance To Be A “Grandfather”

Last night around 10pm my birthday was given the icing on my cake! My dear friend JR from Austin asked if he could facetime me. He had told his 7 yr old daughter Kaia that she would really like me and that I would really

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Thoughts About My Aging (Nude) Body After 64 Years

Today, I snapped an impromptu photo of the person I saw in the mirror upon waking. He startled me. It is my 64th birthday. Even though I seem reasonably fit at first glance after a lifetime of avid running and weight lifting, there are telltale

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