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  1. A guide; an escort.
  2. One that goes in advance; a forerunner.

Theory of Being

Many people ask the following questions after watching my YouTube video, Be Who You Are Not What You Do, or during the live Quest experience. “How am I to be who I am?” “How do I know who I am?” “What is the way to find who I am?” These questions prompted me to develop what I call “a theory of being.” 

A theory gives value and significance to new ideas. It forces an examination, from many angles, of a set of facts presented in a new context that few have studied to this point. Furthermore, a theorist hopes to inspire extended conversation and productive research. To that end, The Quest: Discover a Way to Enjoy Life the Second Half of Life contains my Theory of Being, or, in a more accessible phrase, The Quest. Ultimately, it is a dynamic exploration of integration, in a word, wholeness.

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