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A New Adventure

Gina loves to travel and has been all over the world. Last year, she formed “Crewsin’ & More”—a travel advisory company with a clever take on her maiden name (Crews). The company has grown steadily (particularly now that Covid restrictions have been lifted and people

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Postscript (to “The Quest” by Randy Elrod)

(inspired by Umberto Eco) The Titles and the Meaning The title is meant to focus the reader’s attention on the idea of questions and adventure. The idea of calling the book The Quest came from my lifelong love of the Arthurian legend. What more noble calling can

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The Unspeakable Cruelty of Religion

It should be no surprise that the religious right (Catholics, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, white supremacists, and their ilk) are leading the red army to overthrow America and to drag her screaming backwards to the medieval dark ages. Throughout the centuries, religious zealots (such as those on

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For Gina On Her Birthday

For Gina on her Birthday And to think, I could have lived my whole life without her. Without feeling the flush of warmth as she steals a glance my way. Without seeing her body so beautiful stretched out before mine.Without smelling her bouquet of pheromones, the perfect

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The Day I Encountered Joe Rogan

Last week while relaxing in the jacuzzi at the exclusive Richard’s Rooftop aboard Virgin Voyages “The Scarlet Lady,” a young couple joined us. As we chatted, we learned they had just become engaged. He looked in his mid-forties, and she was in her late twenties.

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Search for Best Sandwich in Tampa Bay (#2) Next! The second tasting is the Montreal Beef Sandwich at Dunedin Smokehouse. I had a difficult time finding a place in Tampa Bay that had this sandwich and to my surprise and delight, it was literally in

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