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To Gina On Our Tenth Anniversary

It has been a wild ride! And I would not trade this decade of happiness together for anything in the world. Every moment has been priceless—well, there may have been a few days we would not want to repeat when we were carving out a

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I Took A Trip Yesterday

Often I wonder why some of us are allowed to live a charmed life. Yesterday was one of the most significant days of my six decades on earth. I never cease to be amazed that we live in a world where I can wake up

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Search for Best Sandwich in Tampa Bay (#8)

Next! The eighth tasting is the Cuban Sandwich at La Segunda Bakery. Gina joined me for the forty-minute drive to the restaurant. We had a bit of a surprise when we arrived in Ybor City and walked in—there was nowhere to sit—it was a legit

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Search for Best Sandwich Tampa Bay (#7)

Next! The seventh tasting is the Cucumber Sandwich at William Dean Chocolates’ Afternoon Tea. Gina joined me. It was a fifteen-minute drive to the restaurant. I have never had a cucumber sandwich, and in fact, I did not know there was such a thing. But

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Search for Best Sandwich in Tampa Bay (#6)

Next! The sixth tasting is the Lobster Roll Sandwich at the Boardwalk Grill at John’s Pass. Gina joined me there. It was a twenty-five-minute drive to the restaurant. I have made Lobster Roll sandwiches at home and also had them at restaurants. And this amazing

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The Joy of Books (For Serious Readers Only)

Some people eat to live while others live to eat—books are both for me. I read to live and I live to read. My confession: I am a hopeless bibliophile who could possibly be enjoying the initial symptoms of bibliomania. Recently, I came across a

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