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You Have More Time Than You Think

I recently told a close friend, a successful young man in his late thirties, that I was getting braces. He mused, “Hmmmm, I guess that’s okay for someone your age. It’s never too late.” This guy loves my writing, my curiosity, my zest for life,

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Religious Trauma Syndrome

People like me who have left an authoritarian, dogmatic religion and are still coping with the damage of childhood indoctrination often end up with a condition called Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS). RTS is a function of both the chronic abuses of harmful religion and the impact

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An Open Letter

To people thinking about leaving the church, Disillusioned and traumatized, I voluntarily resigned in 2006 after twenty-nine years as an Evangelical mega-church minister with the Southern Baptist Convention. Fifteen years later, it is still the same church—the bully male pulpit, the entitled white people, the

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Celebrating Ten Years Together

I am middle-aged now. Fifteen years ago, I had an affair after three decades of monogamous marriage. After five tumultuous years of trying to reconcile and salvage our marriage, my wife and I should have divorced. But we were afraid. Of what our children, our

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