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  • Our First Day In Spain

    At long last, we are here—the beautiful and seductive city of Barcelona, Spain. I plan to chronicle the first day, the first month, and each month after that to see if this dream of life in Spain matches the reality.  I asked Gina her thoughts on the first day this evening (we are six hours…

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  • The Joy of A Lonely Thanksgiving

    I am fourteen years and thousands of miles away from my last nuclear family Thanksgiving. I could never have comprehended the massive toll my affair, divorce, subsequent marriage, and renunciation of Christianity would have on my relationships—from thousands to a handful.  And those precious few are mostly younger and still in the frenetic pace of…

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  • Songs That Shaped My Life

    Songs That Shaped My Life

    Note: Jeff Tweedy, frontman for Wilco, one of my favorite bands, recently published a memoir by the post title’s name, inspiring me to write this post.  1963—“Dear Jesus, Abide With Me,” as a five-year-old local celebrity child singer, this song was my standard. I sang it solo at my kindergarten graduation and many other churches,…

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