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  • Forget Jesus, Give Us Trump

    If someone had told me, when I was on the mega-church stage in front of thousands of adoring people, holding their hands when loved ones died, utilizing the arts to bring healing, encouraging them to hang on in a crazy world, personally mentoring hundreds of young artists, loving a wife monogamously for almost thirty years,…

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  • Life in Spain: Two-Month Update

    The moment I walked out of the Barcelona El Prat airport in December I felt a stimulating sense of belonging, it seemed to defy the angst of my life in fragmented America—a country I no longer recognize or feel comfortable in.  There seems always to be an inner breeze of excitement, joyful gratitude for Barcelona…

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  • My First Tantric Massage (What a Surprise!)

    Warning: This post contains explicit sexual language. Weary and sore from lugging heavy suitcases and assembling furniture, one of my goals when a free day arrived was to find a Chinese massage therapist like my therapist Wen in Dunedin, who walks on one’s back, a practice called Ashiatsu. After an extensive search online, I finally…

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