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  • Impromptu (and Candid) Thoughts

    Impromptu (and Candid) Thoughts

    (A Four-Minute Read) I retired at the age of forty-eight. Which caused a few years of tumultuous adjustment—tears shed over this self-imposed exile from the stage; once applauded by audiences, admired by peers, and stopped by strangers in the street; how could I not feel some bereavement over the waning of my celebrity, the weekly…

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  • Museum of Prohibited Art

    Museum of Prohibited Art

    Warning: This post contains graphic images and explicit sexuality. At my first church staff position (a naive and easily manipulated nineteen-year-old) as youth and music pastor, I will never forget the ultra-authoritarian white male pastor ordering me to have a record burning of all the youth’s rock and roll albums. For some ignorant and unknown…

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  • Pleasure: Sinful Desire or A Pathway to Healing?

    Pleasure: Sinful Desire or A Pathway to Healing?

    Could pleasure transcend its conventional definitions of “frivolous amusement,” “a state of gratification,” or “desire,” as the Merriam-Webster dictionary suggests? Might it hold a more profound significance?  What if pleasure is a pathway to healing? Those of us brought up in a fundamentalist religious home may find this question challenging to contemplate. Pleasure, our preachers, teachers, and parents…

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