7 Reasons Google+ and Spotify are Creating Culture and Influencing This Influencer

It is rare for one crack in time (a new idea that changes culture as we know it) to happen in a decade.

We have experienced what I believe are TWO cataclysmic cracks in time in only 19 short days.

At this rate the whole world will be going ’round in circles and seeing spots.

Ha! that line just came to me and I unconsciously toggled to Spotify and now I’m humming Will It Go Round In Circles by Billy Preston as I type this post.

Here are 7 reasons Google+ and Spotify are Creating Culture and Influencing This Influencer.

1. They are SEXY!! Simple but stunning interfaces combined with seductive new features make these technological debutantes irresistible. Just give Google+ and Spotify a try and your Facebook “Friends” and your iTunes “Pings” will soon be dancing “Circles” and sharing “Spots.”

2. They are EASY!! In just a few seconds I felt like a pro with both social networks. The interfaces are clean and easy-to-pick up—even for easily-confused techies—and their promises of a snappy user experience are right on.

3. They are ZINGY!! Songs stream instantly whether over WiFi or 3G. If you create a music playlist on the desktop app, it’s automatically added to your mobile device (and vice versa), and stays synchronized when you add or drop songs. And the ability to make songs available for listening offline (read: store them on your iPhone) without having to purchase every track individually is great for those who rely a lot on public transportation or just run into crappy AT&T reception all the time.

4. They are MIGHTY!! Spotify has an innovative freemium model that lets users listen to over 15 million tracks for free — a stark contrast to competitors like Rhapsody that require upfront monthly paid subscriptions. And Google+, well, it has the power of Google…need I say more?

5. They are HANDY!! The “People” sidebar in Spotify, populated by my Facebook friends, has actually proven handy, letting me listen to entire playlists of theirs, find new tracks I like, and share them with other users. And with no listening cap currently for U.S. users of the free tier, I imagine that many others will find lots to like, too.

On Google+ I love the fact that I can create customized Circles. I now have circles for “People to avoid who play Farmville,” “People who won’t stop posting pictures of themselves,” and “People still making Casey Anthony jokes.” Ha! On a serious note, I’ve created circles for re:create, artists, creatives, neighbors, and know-it-alls.

6. They are CATCHY!! After nearly two-and-a-half years of promises and speculation, Spotify’s music streaming service opened up shop in the U.S FOUR DAYS AGO and already promises to potentially transform the way U.S. listeners consume music. Currently, the service will be invite-only, but as CNN reports, will open itself up to all users in the coming weeks. The select number of lucky users (can you say ME!!!!) will find many of the same features some 10 million European users have been enjoying since co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek launched the service back in October 2008.

And it’s worth noting that just because a service is first (or even second) to the race doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t room for healthy competition from a late entrant. In the social space, Facebook remains far and away the social networking champ with some 750 million active users, but Google+’s rapidly growing userbase — an estimated 10 million and counting by one third-party estimate — since last month’s launch proves people, at least when it comes to tech, will be open to and interested in features from services like Google+ and Spotify, when done right.

7. They are TRENDY!! Step up, my fellow early adopters, these services are for us—the few, the proud, the Marines Creatives!!

Consider the Twitter buzz: @joedayCould this be good-bye to iTunes?@chrisfromcanadaWow, @randyelrod only 3 days from inception, you are falling for Google+? ;)@joelklampert Google plus (+) is not attractive to your momma!”

Question: Have You Tried Google+ or Spotify yet? What do YOU think? If not, do you plan to?

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37 responses to “7 Reasons Google+ and Spotify are Creating Culture and Influencing This Influencer”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    I was just playing around a bit on Google+ tonight.

    Questions for you:
    1. What do you publish on Google+?
    2. Is it different content than what you publish on Facebook/Twitter?
    3. Do you think you will use Facebook/Twitter LESS and start using Google+ MORE?

  2. adam herod Avatar

    On a side note…I’d be mortified if I ended up on someone’s “know-it-alls” list. Let me know if I ever get there so I can adjust my attitude accordingly.

  3. adam herod Avatar

    I’m still trying to wrap my mind around Google +. I think I need a day or two to play around with it. Spotify on the other hand…I’ve had it for 24 hours and I think I’m in love. Love listening to whatever I’m in the mood for. Would love to hear your thoughts on the premium account. I think there could be a strong value there for worship pastors as we could listen to more full tracks from more artists for $10 a month as opposed to the $30 or so a month most of us spend picking up new albums.

  4. Daniel Decker Avatar

    I have not tried either but will likely give them a whirl soon. With Google+… what I am most curious about is adoption by the masses. People who are casual Social Media users versus regular or Power users like you or I. Just not sure most will see the value in switching or adding another network beyond Facebook just yet…

  5. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    I’m LOVING Spotify. Wish it had a “next” button, or would just keep playing through the songs found via a search. (It will play if you select an album

    Google +: I’m in … like it …
    #1 – wish it could import my blog automatically via RSS (like Facebook’s Networked Blogs App, I’m sure it’s coming)

    #2 – think it’s super cool and as an early-adopter, I would join it regardless, but struggling to decide if I really want to manage yet another set of email notifications.

  6. Rich Kirkpatrick Avatar

    Randy, great article. I think I resonate with Google+ since I have not put Spotify on my phone yet, but yes these are game changers.

    The video hangout on Google+ is amazing! I have 5 people on it and it works as well as I expected with up to 10 people.

    I believe Google+ finally hit a home run after two strikes with Wave and Buzz. The main deal is not a threat to Twitter or Facebook, which will still do what they do with a greater critical mass. Those platforms do not have all the integration of CLOUD which I think is the game changer concept of Google+ finally being executed in a way people will use. Spotify uses this new paradigm as well. I vote for Google+ for all the reasons you mentioned. On one of my hangouts on video I asked the group, “who wants to dump Facebook now?”. 5-0 was the vote!

    Two predictions. A tidal wave makes this a contender for the social media masses. OR, Facebook gets amazing. Hmm… ;)

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Rich Kirkpatrick, Yep! Great thoughts, Rich. Love it!!

  7. Alex McLean Avatar

    I’m starting to get used to Google+ and just downloaded Spotify last night – so far so good. I can see how both are changing my world!

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Alex McLean, Awesome, Alex!! Thanks for joining us!!

  8. Jeff Holton Avatar

    I still don’t get it. Google+ feels like just another way to interact with people. Facebook does just fine for me and I don’t have to manage circles there. Everyone’s just one great big pool. If I need to create a list of people for my own sanity, I can. But I have no reason to compensate for different “categories” of my “friends” when updating my status. The whole circles thing in Google+ is kinda driving me nuts, really. There are no good guidelines for organizing it. I kinda *want* to, but it’s already gotten out of hand for me and I’m uninspired to go back and do the bookkeeping.

    I registered for Spotify last night. For the first 10 tracks I searched, it only found two. I don’t think that bodes well for a compelling database. And I don’t think my musical tastes are that obscure.

    I think the only “crack in time” that’s happened in the social media space in the past decade or so has been the overarching emergence of Web 2.0, especially its “real time” aspect and the development of “AJAX” coding. I don’t think Spotify or Google+ themselves represent paradigm shifts. I think they’re just taking advantage of the wave and riding it.

    So the only thing I can conclude here is that you’re overzealous about emerging tech [or secretly on Google’s and/or Spotify’s payroll! ;) ], or I’m hitting my curmudgeon phase waaaay too early.

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Jeff Holton, Ha!!! What rhymes with curmudgeon? I’m getting no money from Spotify or Google…Ah, I wish!

      Thanks, Jeff for your honest dialogue…

  9. Marcel Avatar

    Got the invite for Google + but still haven’t gotten the hang of it. Will give it another chance. Spotify sounds interesting. Will definitely look into it. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Marcel, Great, thanks for joining the conversation, Marcel.

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  11. klampert Avatar

    great post.. So far I do love both. I have been debating if I am going to pay for spotify premium though.

    1. Randy Avatar

      @klampert, I snagged a premium spotify accxount for free for a month. I’ll let you know what I think!

      Thanks, Joel!

      1. klampert Avatar

        @Randy, yeah I got a spotify invite via trent reznor and then Klout offered it to me with the premium account but I already had an account. DOH!

        1. Randy Elrod Avatar

          @klampert, Joel, via THE trent reznor?

  12. Christy Avatar

    I am adoring both. I really like the privacy options of G+ and the options of sharing with only certain circles. Plus the interface is not clunky like FB…and there are no games and apps which for me makes G+ all the better!

    I got Spotify on Friday and had a blast over the weekend listening to all kinds of music and discovering new music. I am using the free account right now and so far they have had everything I have searched for. As a music lover this makes me happy.

    1. Randy Avatar

      @Christy, Thanks, Christy!! Awesome!!

  13. Ryan Egan Avatar

    Plus Google is much more integrated into daily life than pretty much anything else online (or at least it should be, for those of you who haven’t yet discovered the joys of gmail, docs, and Google calendar!)

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Ryan Egan, Yep!! Thanks, Ryan-so true!

  14. David Santistevan Avatar

    I’m am using both right now, but I’m debating on whether to dive completely in to Spotify. I’m currently an Rdio user and I’ve been loving it. I’m being pulled in too many directions!

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @David Santistevan, Ha! I’ve never heard of Rdio. I wonder if Spotify is worth a try because of all the buzz. But I understand, so many options…have to let chips fall…I just have this intuitive entrepreneurial feeling about Spotify.

      Thanks, David!

      1. David Santistevan Avatar

        @Randy Elrod, Rdio is very similar to Spotify. I actually prefer the interface, but the selection isn’t quite as good. That might be enough to make the switch.

  15. Bill Kraski Avatar

    1) You should be able to send an invite, as long as he has a Google email id.

    2) I’m not 100% sure about Google+. I’m still getting used to it. And some of the features are handled differently than anywhere else. There’s a definite learning curve.

    3) If I were British, I’d say, “Spot on about Spotify.” :D I’m a jazz buff. Doing a search for “jazz” got me 105 songs, 6 hours worth of music. Adding search results for just 4 of my favorite artists bumped that up to 2000 songs or 1 week’s worth of music. For a free music service, that’s pretty awesome!

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Bill Kraski, Thanks so much, Bill! Great info!!

  16. mandythompson Avatar

    ps. I’m most excited about that little ad-box you snuck into the middle of this post. :)

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @mandythompson, Me, too!! Tomorrow will be FUN!!!!

  17. mandythompson Avatar

    I’m in both. And I am charmed. Wow. I feel like my social network world just got a face-lift. And my musician ears are spoiled beyond belief.

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @mandythompson, I LOVE it!! “I feel like my social network world just got a face-lift.”
      Thanks, Mandy!

  18. The Music Gardener Avatar

    If I had an invite to Google + I would give it a spin. Every day that goes by without access creates feelings that Google is not “all inclusive” Makes it impossible to be an early adopter and makes me less apt to give it a try when it does open up to all. Feels very much Google Wave to me at this point.

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @The Music Gardener, Yes, I understand. I don’t even know…can I invite you? Someone invited me… If I can, I will try. Thanks, Keith.

    2. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @The Music Gardener, Keith, e-mail me your Google e-mail address and I’ll try to send you an invite…

  19. Hans Avatar

    Randy, in my limited experience with +1 I think Google us on to something. Third time is the charm, right? (Buzz and Wave failed) I have always thought Google Reader had more too it, but no one uses it. Now it should be easier.

    Not sure about Spotify yet. I’m sure it will progress music listening as you say.

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Hans, Yes, I think so, too. I never got into Buzz or Wave, but Plus had me at hello. Thanks, Hans.