A Birthday Chance To Be A “Grandfather”

Last night around 10pm my birthday was given the icing on my cake! My dear friend JR from Austin asked if he could facetime me. He had told his 7 yr old daughter Kaia that she would really like me and that I would really like her. It was our first time to meet. So much joy to express, but suffice it to say that we really did like each other. A lot!

She is filled with childlike delight and magic. The call lasted a while and was made even more complete when JR, Kaia, and his two sons Jag and Blake all sang Happy Birthday to me. Tears of joy were streaming down my face.

I truly had the surreal feeling that I was actually talking to children who delighted in me as if I were their grandfather. It was an amazing experience. One I will cherish always. After the call, JR texted me and said Kaia just exclaimed that I was the best person ever! Wow! Wow! And of course, I sent back that she was the best seven-year-old girl ever!!

I think yesterday was my best birthday ever! And I want to bask in that for a while. I do know I could be a great grandfather if I was just given a chance. And last night, for a few magic moments, I was.