A Few Observations On The Early Voting Experience

We Voted! In my 44 years of voting (straight Republican or Independent every time, I might add) I have NEVER felt my vote was so important and pivotal for our freedom and survival as Americans. My hands were literally shaking as I marked my ballot straight blue.

A few observations on the early voting experience:

—I was shocked that our rural Tennessee county (pop. 19,166) has better voting technology than Pinellas County, Florida (pop. 916,542). We had to mark our ballots with pens and then scan them in. In Tennessee they had actual voting machines. But then again, this is Florida.

—Last Presidential election I knew my vote (which I profoundly regret) for the Libertarian Gary Johnson would not count. Trump carried our rural Tennessee county by 74%.

—This time here in Pinellas County, Florida (which has been described in the national media as the ultimate swing county in the ultimate swing state) I feel my vote will count the most of any vote of my life.

—Although the Pinellas County Election Website said the wait at our polling location was less than 15 minutes—it actually took us around 40 minutes. We were glad to do it.

—The line wrapped around the building out along the street sidewalk and the mood throughout was upbeat and positive. The room where we voted was packed—but the poll workers were amazing, friendly, and efficient—and every one of them wore masks and had plexiglass protection.

—It was by far, the most people we have been around since February. It was really weird and scary—but only about ten idiotic people (Trumpers, I’m sure) we saw out of the hundreds did not wear a mask nor social distance and thankfully they were far away from us.

—I may be wrong, but I sensed it was an overwhelmingly Biden/Harris crowd.

—The Biden/Harris signs/flags around the polling area outnumbered the Trump signs by at least a 100 to 1. I only saw two Trump flags and I saw hundreds of Biden signs and flags.

—There were no trouble makers, period.

Overall it was a positive experience. We both agreed we felt extremely patriotic.

#BidenHarris2020 #VoteBlueDownBallot