An Easter Portrait — by Jeremy Cowart — Art At Its Best

My new friend Jeremy Cowart created this amazing art video called “Easter Portrait.” Derek Webb adds the music. Watch every beautiful second of it!

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13 responses to “An Easter Portrait — by Jeremy Cowart — Art At Its Best”

  1. Now that Easter is over (with all its time consuming church and social activity), I have the time to go back and make my own Easter and discover all the beauty of the cross and resurrection again.

    Thanks for this piece of Jesus.

  2. This is brilliant. Probably the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in a while. Makes me want to go create something. I think I will. Thanks Jeremy and Randy!

  3. Excellent video to watch. Jesus died for all of us…and as the artist incorporates so many things into the picture….we see how He took upon Himself our sins. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Wow! Thanks Jeremy. Thanks Randy. Beautiful. Powerful. Pass the Kleenex.