1 Why I Hope to Die at 75. The Atlantic. https://www.law.wvu.edu/files/d/1f55427f-0bfc-4159-837f-9d9ca2971c69/why-i-hope-to-die-at-75-the-atlantic.pdf 2 Ed. Joseph Campbell. The Portable Jung. Penguin Group. 1976. p. 17. 3 A Snapshot of the Age Distribution of Psychological Well-Being in the United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 107(22) […]

Suggested Reading

A Brief History of Time. Stephen Hawking. Bantam. 2011.  The Ageless Self. Sharon R. Kaufman. University of Wisconsin Press. 1986.  A Renaissance Redneck In A Mega-Church Pulpit. Randy Elrod.re:Create Publishing. 2014. Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies. Michael J. Bader. St. Martin’s Griffin. 2003.  […]

Essentials Concepts

Body List eight words that best describe your body—your physical self. Immediately following the eight blank lines are some concepts to help jumpstart thinking.  1.________________ 2.________________ 3.________________ 4.________________ 5.________________ 6.________________ 7.________________ 8.________________ Agile Animated Athletic  Aristocratic bearing Attractive  Balance Body Scent (Pheromones) Casual Competitive Confident […]


Quest (Your Symbols) Quest (Your Essentials) Quest (Blank) Symbols Quaternity Symbols (Mandala) Sub Waypoints Quaternity Symbols Self Sub Waypoints Symbols Myths Sub Waypoints Quaternity Symbols Art Sub Waypoints Quaternity Essentials Quaternity Waypoints Essentials Sub Waypoint (Body/Physical) Essentials Sub Waypoint (Mind/Mental) Essentials Sub Waypoint (Soul/Emotional) Essentials […]