EVERNOTE – Top Five iPad Features

EVERNOTE: Eliminate clutter. Create a searchable memory. Engage your digital brain.

by Lauren Elrod (Twitter: @laurenelrod)

To recap my very first post about Evernote (which you can find here) Evernote is an amazing tool that synchronizes your life realtime on all your digital devices. Add a note to your iPhone Evernote app and it instantly syncs your desktop computer, online website, iPad and other digital devices.

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The fact that Evernote provides an app which seamlessly interacts with all my digital platforms is essential. As long as it is with me, I will always use Evernote on my iPad over my iphone due to it’s ease of use and practicality.


1. Places – Dropping a pin on your location when you create a note is another extremely helpful search tool. I can usually remember where I was when I created the note before I remember where I actually filed the note. The Places view is most impressive in the way it functions. Upon opening the Places view, you see a map dotted with dropped pins, on the left you see a preview of the notes related to the pins. As you zoom in on the map, the preview on the left reflects only those notes whose dropped pins are still visible in the map view. Furthermore, if you tap on one of the dropped pins it shows you the name of the note. When you tap and hold the dropped pin, it opens the note.

2. Layout – The Evernote iPad Layout is particularly lovely. The versatility from the portrait view to landscape view is exceptional. I prefer searching in the landscape view as you can view a note while at the same time scrolling through additional notes. The aesthetics of the Notebook, Tag, and Search views are especially pleasing.

3. Saved Searches – A very quick way to search for a series of notes. For example, this feature would’ve been great when I was in college working on my senior collection. Instead of typing “Senior Collection” in the search box every time I needed one of those notes, I could’ve gone straight to my Saved Searches and accessed them immediately. This would also be great if you use your Evernote as a wine log, you could save a “Wine” search and easily peruse your selection.

4. Scroll Bar – Whether you’re using Evernote  in portrait or landscape, as long as you’re in the All Notes view you’ll see the scroll bar. This scroll bar is unique in how it visually informs you of the number of notes created in each category by the length of the line. When you’re viewing your notes by date created this is especially helpful.

5. Wireless Sync – Though I’ve included this same feature in my last three posts, it truly deserves a spot in all my Top Fives. The wireless syncing capability is what makes Evernote so effective.

Below, is another great video, from the Evernote Library of Videos, providing an overview of using Evernote for the iPad:

What are your favorite Evernote iPad features?

Which Evernote platform do you find yourself using the most?

*Please Note: all posts having to do with Evernote are based on the free Mac version offered at www.evernote.com or in the app store.

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