How I Learned To Understand—Live Out—And Monetize My Dreams—And You Can Too!

A few short days after the horror of 9/11, I found myself shivering on a frigid broken sidewalk in the shadow of the mighty and desolate Tian Shan mountains just north of Afghanistan. I had just finished teaching nomadic Muslim students about the convergence of art and free enterprise.

It was in a stark Islamic University equipped with rickety ancient desks, a chalkboard and little else. Standing in the context of the most extreme poverty I had ever witnessed combined with the country’s oppressive history of tyrannic rulers made even the concept of free enterprise untenable. It was a humbling and daunting experience.

And yet, one could have heard a pin drop for 90 minutes as the students listened in rapt attention, patiently stood in line for an autograph, and then followed me outside into the blowing wind and snow.

Little did I know the next few minutes were to change the course of my life forever.

A student named Rafael shyly inched closer to me and asked with a hesitant smile, “Какова ваша мечта?” My translator in broken English told me he was asking, “What is your dream?” As I immediately defaulted to the good ole’ American answer, “Well, Rafael, I am living my dream”—the words seemed bitter in my mouth.

That phrase continued to echo and haunt me long after the sights, smells and sounds of the trip had faded to distant memories.

What is your dream? What is your dream? What is your dream? What is your dream?

As every word of that phrase progressively took on meaning, I realized I was tired of sitting in meetings every day that had nothing to do with me, I was tired of working with people who did not share my life philosophy or dreams, and I was tired of realizing that life is too short to be tired all the time.

So I quit. At the ripe old age of forty-seven, I resigned my lucrative day job that in many ways was the epitome of success in my field. I stepped out into the great unknown with little guidance.

As I began to peel away the layers of a life ruled by control and unreasonable—and yes, empty—expectations, my dreams slowly began to emerge.

It has been five years and I have gradually (and at times painfully) come to understand, live out and monetize my dreams.

It is possible! I earn the same amount of money and more doing what I am passionate about—the way I feel it needs to be done—while not needing permission from someone else when I want to rest, travel, or even take an afternoon nap.

And now, everyone wants to “buy my lunch and pick my brain” on how my dreams came true. Obviously, it is physically impossible to accept all these invitations. That is frustrating.

It is why I created 48 Hours of Solitude (A One-On-One Mentoring Experience). It enables me to personally mentor, spend quality time in solitude, encourage and teach other artists and leaders—all of which are my passion.

Here are a few of the crucial topics we cover  together:

—Understanding Why You React the Way You Do And How Your Reactions Lead To Your Dreams

—How To Create a Global Personality Profile That Is Invaluable in Relating To and Understanding Yourself and Others

—How To Identify, Analyze and Eliminate Toxic People In Your Life

—What Free Enterprise (Entrepreneurship) Really Means

—Three Crucial Steps To Understanding, Living Out, and Monetizing Your Dreams

—The All-Important Steps To Finding and Creating A Team of Personal Advisors

—How To Set Up, Implement, Structure and ENJOY Weekly, Quarterly and Annual Meetings for Financial Planning, Goal Setting and Dreaming

—Five Must-Have Gifts People Say You Can Only Be Born With—But That Everyone Can Develop

—How To Create A Life Plan

—How To Effectively Relax and Rejuvenate

—And much, much more…

—Or nothing…but rest and solitude.

You choose—as little or as much as you desire during your 48 Hours of Solitude. It requires a financial investment on your part. But as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

I have only ten opportunities for 48 Hours of Solitude in 2011—come be one of them!

So, I ask YOU…”Какова ваша мечта?”

What is your dream?

If anything were possible, what would your dream job be?

18 thoughts on “How I Learned To Understand—Live Out—And Monetize My Dreams—And You Can Too!

  1. I don’t dream anymore, but I don’t feel sad about it. If a dormant dream comes to fruition, at this point, it will have to catch me by surprise. I hope that happens one day… maybe that’s my dream.

  2. I still appreciate the time you took to have lunch with me. That one hour was packed with more than I ever imagined it could! It’s wonderful how you pour back into others the wisdom you’ve accumulated through the years.

  3. I literally got chills as I asked myself this question…what is my dream? Direction and coaching from you would be amazing my friend! Oh how I miss those days back in Florida!

    Have you and Chris ever considered doing this 48 hour journey together with another couple?

    Jarred Ritter

  4. I remember that post about dangerous dreamers of the day. Which is why I’m still writing and finding mentors and getting back up here whenever possible.

    1. @mandythompson, Yes, that was not meant as a rebuke, but rather as encouragement! Some people never dream at all—even in the night. Some people never embark upon the chase.

      You have an extraordinary way with words. Patsy Clairmont is going to rock your world at re:create this year. You are going to love it!!

  5. Everyone wants to buy you lunch. oh geeze…

    I’ve been chewing on this question all morning, even before reading this post. My dream is to write songs. The kind with words and melodies that inspire people to change their lives and their worlds, offer a hopeful perspective on life & Light or just give a sense that they are not alone in the darkness. These are the exhale.
    And then there’s this strange desire (or maybe obligation?) help the Church find the right words… Not just a modernization of what we’ve been singing for twenty, or even two-thousand, years–but stuff that fits Her voice today. These are the labor.

    It feels both impossible and at my fingertips. The uncertainty of achieving this does not slow my pace or weaken my resolve. The chase, in itself, is a dream fulfilled.

    1. @mandythompson, Seems like I bought lunch. Ha! Just kidding. It was worth it! I left better than I came.

      Ah, yes. “The chase, in itself, is a dream fulfilled.” The chase is the dream of the night. The reality is the dream of the day.

  6. i really want to come and do 48 hours. i know it would be the investment of a lifetime, but it always seems there are bills to pay and i really can’t justify that to my family. i get so much out of recreate. i know i would get so much out of that. my biggest fear is that i would get up there and then not know what to ask you. thanks for forming people Randy. i’m so glad that you are living your dream and inspiring others to live theirs.

    1. @Chuck Harris, You’ll know what to ask. Someone that quotes cummins. Oh yeah, you’ll know. We will also do preparatory work together that will raise myriad questions.

      I understand the financial demands. When its time, I’m here.

      Thanks, Chuck.

  7. I’m so grateful that you invest in our men. My prayer is that they will want to encourage other men, creating a revival. We need a whole lot more of you Randy. And, we need the female equivalent to mentor and come alongside our women. Someone who can show them how to walk away from cultural definitions of self so they can truly respect themselves and men.

    1. @Audra Krell, Agh! So true Audra. “we need the female equivalent to mentor and come alongside our women. Someone who can show them how to walk away from cultural definitions of self so they can truly respect themselves and men.”


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