I Can See

From my 1984 Album “Giver of Life.” After 40 years, I have now converted digital tracks from analog. Wow!

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  1. Andy Milligan Avatar
    Andy Milligan

    Thanks for sharing Randy. I followed you by attending PBA a few years later 92/93-95/96. After PBA I landed at Juilliard and spent time singing with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and Singers (1997-2002). In 1984 I was a kid growing up in Greenville SC, A year later @ 11, I attended summer camp @ the Wilds. And soon after, I began acting/singing on Patch the Pirate children’s albums and a variety of Christmas Cantatas produced by Frank Garlock/Ron Hamilton. The sound brings back memories of countless hours spent in analog studios singing, napping, waiting, and watching engineers splice tape and punch in takes on multi track setups… thanks for the trip down memory lane. Some places are nice to be “from.” 😉