“I Heart America” — My Latest Watercolor

Original & Prints Available.

Original watercolor:
$350. US

Prints are available as well. Limited Edition Giclee Prints on Watercolor Paper are priced as follows:
8.5″ x 11″ $55. US
9″ x 13″   $65. US
11″ x 17″  $85. US
13″ x 19″ $105.
16″ x 20″ $150.
17″ x 22″ $170.
17″ x 25″ $175.

Shipping is $4.99 per order in USA. (USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking) International and express shipping (via UPS) are actual cost plus $2 (to cover packaging).


6 responses to ““I Heart America” — My Latest Watercolor”

  1. bluegoose Avatar

    My 16 yr old and I both think this is so cool!!! I love your work!

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @bluegoose, That is a compliment I will take gladly from a 16 yr. old!! …and of course, from you as well! Thanks.

  2. Ani Avatar

    Wooow! Thanks, that’s very kind of you. They don’t play that well but they score that matters. I cheered for USA when they were still in the WC. Did you know that even USA is not in the WC anymore your player Landon Donovan is number 7 in the topscorers list of World Cup 2010? That is amazing. Just so you know. And oh, here they called the USA-team the dark horse of the championship before it started. And now they say to keep an eye on the USA-team because they believe within 10 years they will be better than now. I forgot (and wasn’t even able) to wish you : happy 4th of July. I can wish you a happy rest of the year instead.

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Ani, Thanks so much, Ani!

  3. Ani Avatar

    A heart so big for USA that it breaks the wall. You can’t keep it in. It’s free for ever. Wow, didn’t know this would come up to my mind. It makes me love it even more. It didn’t speak to my heart first of course because it’s your flag, your country but now I see it’s very beautiful.

    1. Randy Elrod Avatar

      @Ani, Thanks, Ani. I am pulling for your country in the world cup!!!