My Weekly Wholeness Assessment

Body (My essential is: Sensuality)

—Hour-long workout with weights (2 days)

—Runs of 5.5 miles (2 Days)

—Advanced one-hour spin class (1 day)

—Limited alcohol to one cocktail per day (5 days)

—Sex (5 days)

—Sleep eight hours (7 days)

—Mediterranean diet (5 days)

Mind (My essential is: Curiosity)

—Finished “Once Upon A Tome” by Oliver Darkshire

—Read (7 days)

—Spanish lessons with Duolingo (7 days)

—Learned 100 new Spanish words

—Research move to Spain

Soul (My essential is: Intimacy)

—Conversation at coffee hour with Gina (6 days)

—Conversation at cocktail hour with Gina (7 days)

—Cocktails, dinner, and a movie with a close friend (1 day)

—Reunion lunch with 40+ year friends (1 day)

Spirit (My essential is: Autonomy)

—Meditation for 20 minutes (5 days)

—Running and working out alone without a cell phone (2 days)

—Journaled or recounted dreams (5 days)

—Sent texts of encouragement/well wishes (3 days)

This assessment (often in the form of a mandala) has become a regular and enjoyable activity for me. The visual helps me gauge my growth toward wholeness and, ultimately, enlightenment. It is a very private exercise, and I share it here to help illustrate the application of principles outlined in “The Quest.” My goal is to keep all four aspects of being (my essentials) playful, creative, savoring, and loving.

Note: I realize my list is dependent upon my retirement schedule. Not everyone has the luxury of as much free time as I do, but everyone can do something to enhance each aspect of being (each essential) weekly. The important thing is awareness of the importance of expanding each aspect.